The Copywriting Infographic

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Creating compelling content on a consistent basis is almost an art form. In copywriting, the ability to take words and form them into something that connects with the reader is not always an easy task for most of us. Sure, there are those who seem to spit out content like a machine. However, if you are like me, good copywriting often comes with much thought and effort.

Ken MacLeod said:

“The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing.”

And while that is true (practice makes perfect), having a good understanding of what copywriting is, how to grab the readers interest, how to turn features into benefits, and most important, how to ultimately persuade, can be a great foundation at which to start from. Content that is able to accomplish these tasks will help in the overall process of Internet marketing.

The following infographic from ABC Copywriting lays out concise information about the copywriting process and even includes several notable quotes, as well as tips for successful sales letters, information documents, webpages, and advertisements.

The Copywriting Infographic

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  • Heather Sundell

    I would need to take a day off of work to read this entire infographic. That said, it is very pretty to look at.

  • Michael

    This is just brilliant. This is the truly Copywriting Infographic with capital “I”. It summarizes almost every aspec of copywriting. The person who did this really must know everything about copywriting.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Turning features into benefits is probably one of the hardest things about copywriting. You need to make it about the end user, not just your product. What does your brand DO for them? How can you help them with THEIR needs?

  • hoang vu

    pretty infographic to read, thank you David Wallace

  • Kirk Swain

    Very good information. Soon as I can figure out how best to save it, it’s going into my learning library folder. For my money, I like the “Elements of Copywriting” graphic best of all. Showing how the best copy confines itself to the small area where the interests of the audience, the copywriter, and the product features all three overlap is so fundamental, and right on target.