State of Search: The History of Search…via Danny Sullivan

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State of Search: The History of Search…via Danny Sullivan

When you understand the evolution of search engines over the years, you can’t help but get a feel for where they’re headed. After all, they’ve improved quite a bit. More and more changes are yet to come. Over here at the SEJ, we appreciate leaders like Danny Sullivan, who take the time to make outstanding videos.

Today he shot this excellent video helping us understand how search engines have evolved over the years. I hope you’ll enjoy the following video as much as I did:

Some of my favorite takeaways:

  • universal search vs horizontal or vertical search
  • search became more customized by ‘making jumps’ or connections in your activity. (searching for travel accommodations and looking at things in New York – assuming you’re looking to travel there, even though you didn’t search for that directly)
  • location influenced searching. Search engines know where you’re searching from, even down to your metropolitan area.
  • social signals are weighted more heavily. This is the future of the search engines.
  • you can talk to Google if you’re in Chrome, just like you can talk to your phone (Have you guys tried this yet?)

What were some of your favorite takeaways?

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