Some New Ad Management Features for Adsense

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Inside Adsense posted some few enhancements on Adsense management and these are:

  • View ID number associated with specific custom channel. This is listed under Channels link in the Adsense Setup tab. Since this code no longer appears on publisher’s ad code, Adsense decided to put these channel Ids on the Adsense setup tab as a reply to publishers’ request.
  • Ad units created for the last 7 days which have no received any impression will be tagged as “New” instead of “Active” in the Adsense status column. This was introduced to prevent confusion in identifying which ad units is already on a publisher’s page and which are really new ad units.
  • Recent date when each ad units were update are now viewable.
  • And the most important enhancements of all, Manage Ads feature is now enabled for Referral units, just like for the Adsense for content units. If you find the Manage Ads feature which was recently introduced useful for your Adsense for content, you’ll be glad to know that it is being rolled into Referral units as well.
Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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