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Looking for a dream SEO position? MySpace is hiring a new SEO Manager to work under my BFF Tony Adam in their Beverly Hills office. Apparently there are a lot of big changes going on at MySpace, and this may be the chance to get involved with the reconstruction of one of the most popular destinations on the Internet.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery or on the job market in SEO, I can’t really think of getting much better than that.

MySpace – Beverly Hills, CA

MySpace is looking for an SEO Manager to work closely with Product, Marketing and Technology teams. The position is hands-on and requires deep knowledge in SEO with Site Architecture and Link Development, along with a proven track record of success with SEO Projects. The key responsibility of the position will be to develop Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) with SEO Requirements for strategic product initiatives and projects.

More info on the MySpace SEO Manager Position

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Maciej

    I think they are going to need much more than an SEO manager. They should be hiring a miracle!

  • Techwatch

    Seems hard to believe that such a huge and well known site needs SEO at all, does not sound good for us mere mortals with regular sites

  • Tony

    Loren, thanks for posting this! I'm excited to be bringing another SEO into the mix! We have a lot of VERY interesting things going on and great stuff being launched in the upcoming months! ūüôā

    • best wine club

      It's interesting Tony to see what the progress is going to look like. I do think this is going to be the biggest challenge you've faced in some time. The combination of SEO and brand management which is normally more of a traditional marketers role will be interesting to watch as someone who is responsible for both….on a very small scale for his own company.

  • best wine club

    I wonder what keywords they could possibly be targeting. Isn't the main point of SEO to allow a lesser known company to be noticed….Myspace is a well known brand that people simply don't like as much as Facebook.

  • the4dgame

    I guess they should hire an Seo Team in order to regain the myspace popularity. However a good restructuring idea can make a difference.

  • Melissa – SEO Aware

    Tony is very nice, he would be a pleasure to work with!

  • dhirajch

    I think the main task would be focus on adding people on myspace, but competition is going to be very tough for any one who going to join, because he has to focus not only to increase member of my space but also how to retain them…

    • Jack

      I totally agree you.The competition is going to be very hard.He has to prepare his team for this…

  • Siju George

    What the new SEO manager can do? He can do branding and no SEO works I guess

  • SEO Friendly Website Design

    I agree with You, SEO is important for site Architecture and Link Development.

  • iPad Application Developers

    It’s nice move from Myspace.

  • Custom Software Development

    It’s nice move from Myspace.