Have You Ever Fired a Client? [Poll]

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We have had a new series on SEJ called Client Horror Stories. The goal of this series is to help those new to the industry avoid making mistakes and dealing with some of the same issues our writers have. In some cases it is important to fire a client. I know the idea of that is foreign to some, but at times it has to happen. So we have a question for you about firing clients and we would love your feedback.

Client Horror Stories Series

Client Horror Stories: The Nut Job

Client Horror Stories: Silence of the SEO Client

Client Horror Story: Are You Sitting Down? We Changed Our URLs!

Want to know when to fire a client? Find out here.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • Gunjan Pandya

    In case of SEO client… first of all we need have to check properly requirement of client. if you are able to understand the requirement of client and also you are able to give that result to that client the i think there is no chances of fired clients…

    But in some cases when client demanding some unrealistic result at that time it is necessary for us to fired a client