Google Reveals Public Policy Blog

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After two months in hiding, Google finally makes its Public Policy Blog open for public consumption. The blog is an social effort from the company in trying to make the internet a better place for every user, through advocacy on net neutrality, international copyright protection and online child safety.

This can also be viewed as Google’s way of accepting its very nature, that of being a multinational corporations that is affected by international legislation and rules, and in doing so, the company wants its millions of users to take part on the company’s stand. Whew! That sounded like a sales pitch for the Public Policy Blog.

In summary, the Google Public Policy Blog hopes to:

“serve as a resource for policymakers around the world — including legislators, ministers, governors, city councilmembers, regulators, and the staffers who support them — who are trying to enact sound government policies to foster free expression, promote economic growth, expand access to information, enable innovation, and protect consumers”

For starters, the blog recently discussed Net neutrality,immigration policy among other issues that predates back to April of this year.

Arnold Zafra
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