Google PageRank Update: October 27, 2007

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I’m seeing a number of new sites showing PageRank updates tonight, and assume that it has to be happening elsewhere as well. This of course comes on the heels of the PageRank massacre earlier this week.

There’s not too much to post right now on this as more information comes in — but I wanted to spread the word and see what others are seeing as well. Having expected a global update in July and never seeing it, this is certainly exciting news for those in the search marketing industry.

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  • Allen

    It looks as though youtube took a hit and went down to PR3 ? Another comment I have is that Brian Gardner sais on his site that he it is nice to see that his PR is at 6 for his Revolution News site. But if I am not mistaken the domain is only a couple months old. How can that be?

  • Sushubh

    All my sites badly hit ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vertical Measures

    My bet is there are a lot of changes still to happen. Give it a few days for the new algo to take hold and for Google to make some manual updates.

    Clearly something is just whacko with some of the PRs we have seen (like the YouTube example). Going to be “fun” to watch this all play out.

  • Dan

    i wonder how this will affect payperpost….as they charge MORE for higher ranked blogs…

  • Shimon

    My website droped to 3 even though it shows that I have at least one page with PR over 5 in Webmasters Tools for a while ;( I know where’s my mistake, but that’s too late now.

    However I see some of websites I worked on growed from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5…

  • peps

    My site was PR-0, then I checked earlier it was PR-2. Even the forums was increased to PR-1

  • SEO India Blog

    Luckily my website doesnt show any PR as usual. HURRAY !!!!

  • Ankit

    Oh and I had thought Pagerank was officially dead, but I still see some people have deep fetish for Green bar.

  • Mendyo

    I’m dazed and confused and disappointed. I have rarely paid for a link, have pages that are authoritative references and I have quality links. I have been a PR of 5 for the last 2 years and this is a real blow. Maybe it’s all my unrelated posts to SEO blogs (we make glass jewelry) that is hurting me. I’m only halfway joking.

    I guess the only consolation is that my keyword rankings do not seem to have changed and since misery loves company, some of my competitors seem to have gone down as well.

  • J

    There is nothing affected by pagerank for SearchEngine Journal actually. The number of PR means nothing for readers.

    As I notice, the PR changed was caused by Google directory update ( ), and the update was sync with dmoz.

    The PR is just re-calculated by the new listings of Google directory.

  • SEO Consultant

    Even we faced the same hit on our website. We had been trying to keep our website rich from the content front and the cross-linking factor. But it seems that the SE does not encourage having directories on the website. Inspite of following the necessary guidelines our website has taken a hit.

    I think we will have to be more cautious .


  • Boris

    All over the place for me, but mostly good. My sites and blogs with no PR went to PR 3. A PR 4 sites drops to three, but it’s blog goes from 0-3. Go figure!

    What I do know for sure is that we all need Google way more than Google needs us. I have taken lots of effort to find traffic beyond Google. These efforts are time consuming but they do work.

  • sachin jain

    I jump from o to PR4

  • sylv3rblade

    My 3 month old site is at PR3. My 6 month old site is at PR5. Both were PR0 yesterday.

  • La psicologia

    I’m happy with this update since my site stepped from pagerank 3 to pagerank 4!

    A strange update anyway… we’ve waited for 6 months and now a lot of sites have lost 1-2 or eve 3 pr points!


    Well it finally happened, the Google Page rank update. Google updated all of my page ranks on all of the sites I manage the search engine optimization for. I am happy to say that none of my page ranks haven fallen and several have gained one or two places.

    Google’s last page rank update was in April and many webmasters have been waiting since the last update to reap the rewards of all the hard work they have put in optimizing pages, building quality back links, adding continuous fresh content, and holding their breaths.

    I haven’t seen any keyword placement movement since the new Google update but it may take up to two full weeks to see how significant the Google page rank still is to search engines like Yahoo and MSN.

    I believe Google page rank is still relevant and will impact millions of websites around the world. The Google page rank is a calculation of various areas of your sites worth and as Google adjust its algorithm to come up with the best possible score for your websites value in the market your are trying to place in again.

    Many of you are now seeing page ranks on new sites that have had a score of zero for several months. Others of you have see your great page rank go down, which may hurt your overall placement only time will tell.

    I have seen the results of page ranks dropping on Text Link sites due to selling of these links but haven’t seen the punishment Google is said to be giving out to people who purchase these links for their sites. I am sure Google is weighing the cheating factor and grading the sites accordingly.

    Now that a new Google page rank has been made, don’t stop optimizing your site planning to wait until the last minute to spam the system. Continue working hard as even more and more competitors are coming online as we speak. Do what’s best for your customer and the search engines usually follow right along.

    Good content, placing your links in the right places, and streamlining your meta tags will always payoff in the end. Remember in search engine optimization, you have to be patient, be diligent, and know that your are targeting the right keywords and audience for your business.

    Until the next big Google update, take care of your business and your business will take care of you.

  • lee johnson

    We have lots of trade scecific directories and so far we have not seen too much change. But our main Uk local search directories have increased from zero to a pagerank of 4. Our oldest main directory has stayed the same on PR5. I dont think the whole update is finnished yet. Lets wait and see.

  • Miami Real Estate

    For many of the real estate sites, yesterday was a day where sites either got additional backlinks or their backlinks were further discounted by google. For example, google toolbar credits me with 43 backlinks whereas a couple of days ago it was at 34.

  • Emma

    It’s great than an update is taking place but my site is still PR2 despite all my hard work of the last three months…..disappointing!

    Anybody have any idea when the update will be complete.

  • Malcolm Nossiter

    My main site has been at PR5 since the start of the year and has now dropped to PR4 for no apparent reason other than Googles new algo. It’s possible that we have some PR leak due to the outbound links on our front page but we don’t have that many and all are quality links totally vetted by us.

    The one thing I am concerned about is the rel=”nofollow” attribute that can be added to anchor text. If Google, and any other search engine recognising the tag, see’s this tag it will not follow through to the page the link describes. Google will not count the link when calculating page rank for that page, and will not take into account the anchor text for determining relevant terms for that page.

    So, I intend to look at the backlinks on our page and determine which ones should have this attribute added, and I guess other website owners will be doing the same. The problem is that this could lead to everyone adding this attribute to all of their outbound links so that none of their PR leaks away. If this is correct and I haven’t missed the point somewhere along the line, then wouldn’t this eventually devalue Googles PR mechanism or HAVE I missed the point?

  • Holiday Chatter

    It is very confusing – even last week there were changes being made!!!

  • Cav

    Whens the next one? We are new and still on 0 ๐Ÿ™