Google Intros Ad Innovations Lab

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Google has just launched Google Ad Innovations, sort of a Google Lab this time for its many advertising products that it is currently experimenting on.  Google Ad Innovations will showcase Google’s latest idea around advertising technologies to get, well our feedback.

Google Ad Innovations currently has several new advertising products that Google may or may not release in the future. If you check out the Google Ad Innovations site you’d advertising-related products categorized into search, display, mobile and measurement.  The first three being Google’s advertising bread and butter.

You’d also find the recently announced Search Funnels for AdWords which are sest of reports that describe the ad click and impression behavior on that result to conversion for ad campaigns. You can find out more information about Search Funnels, as well as watch a video walkthrough of the new product.

Google Ad Innovations is a useful tool for knowing and understanding Google’s current and future Advertising products.
Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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