Google Brand More Valuable Than Microsoft

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According to market research firm Millward Brown Google is now the most powerful brand in the world overtaking last years winner Microsoft.

From the press release:

Google has risen to the top of this year’s ranking, taking the number one spot with a brand value of $66,434 million. This was followed by General Electric ($61,880 million), Microsoft ($54,951 million) and Coca-Cola ($44,134 million).

An overview of the Internet Companies in the top 100 and their value.

Position 01 – Google – $66,434 million
Position 03 – Microsoft – $54,951 million
Position 16 – Apple – $24,728 million
Position 42 – Yahoo – $13,201 million
Position 43 – Ebay – $12,927 million
Position 92 – Amazon – $ 5,964 million

You can find the full report here (pdf).

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  • Ahmed Bilal

    Ya know, i didn’t need market research to tell me that 🙂

    I wonder where Google rank overall in brands?

  • Gemme

    Really, you sure? I thought nobody knew:)