Did Google Buy reMail or Hired its Creator?

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Mobile application reMail has just been acquired by Google, and so its owner claims via a post on his blog. According to reMail founder Gabor Cselle, Google acquired reMail and that he will be joining Google as a Product Manager on the Gmail team. Actually, it’s more of “rejoining”, since Cselle was previously a Google employee.

Anyway, Cselle also said that reMail will be discontinued as an independent entity. In fact its iteration, as an iPhone app which allows users to search for email and IMAP accounts even in offline mode has been stoped and was already pulled out from the Apps store.

Existing reMail users will continue to enjoy the service and will still get support from Cselle until the end of March. After that, it will cease to exist. Then that’s probably the time when Cselle will start working for Google to possibly integrate reMail’s technology to Gmail or perhaps work on a reMail app for the Android Platform. But those are just my speculations and you are free to add your own.

Arnold Zafra
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