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How to Build Your Content Empire Using Podcasts

Four years ago, you may well have been laughed at for trying to start a successful podcast. They were a fad that had past their prime, and it was time to move on to bigger and better things.

But then podcasts were resurrected, and like JNCO jeans, they were cool again.

In the last year or two, many brands and thought leaders have jumped on the podcast bandwagon. We actually started one here at SEJ called Marketing Nerds, which we publish once a week.

Google removes location search feature
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Google Permanently Removes “Change Location” Search Feature

If you often use the “Change Location” feature to see Google search results in different locations, you may have noticed the feature has been coming and going over the last few months. There have been several articles published in the last week about the disappearance of the feature.

Earlier this week, Google confirmed it has permanently removed the feature.