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  • MOZ
  • Majestic
  • Semrush
  • Yoast
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Starting in 2019 I’m now based back in Amsterdam working for Danone Early Life Nutrition as Global Search & Traffic Manager. I spent a time working with Schibsted Media Group in London as Global SEO Manager, having previously lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands working with the ebay classifieds group as SEO Product Manager.


While the new dashboard feature has been around for a about 2 months in most accounts it’s likely that most people have failed to notice...

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Automated Rules works by following rules you set including what part of your adwords campaign the rule applies to and what is the automatic action...

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Lists are great and made even better when they are going to improve your AdWords campaign results and increase your ROI!

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You need to cross-check your average CPC estimates when planning an AdWords campaign as using purely the Google KWT may result in a large variance...

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One of the theories I wanted to test was about using Google AdWords inbuilt bidding engine focusing on clicks versus focusing on conversions instead of...

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You get that feeling that your being stalked by that company but maybe its just remarketing code you activate when you visited their website last...

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So Google rolls out Instant Search and there are screams and cries that SEO is Dead, but hello did anybody think about the impact on...

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Google has plans to dominate the search world but you are only welcome if you start paying for your local search traffic!

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