I'm working with Schibsted Media Group in London as Global SEO Manager, having previously lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands working with the ebay classifieds group as SEO Product Manager. He got started back in 2007 as the marketing director of The Lost Agency, a web analytics focused search agency. His rants, interviews, research and thoughts on digital marketing can be found on his blog Lost Press Marketing.

I am awesome at

SEO, Mobile SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing

Favorite Tools

SEMRush, MOZ, DeepCrawl, Yoast, Botify, Google Analytics, Majestic, SEO Book, Google Keywords Planner, Contently, Copyscape, Buffer, BuzzSumo, SharedCount, Slideshare, Mailchimp, Asana, Google docs, Evernote

Google Adwords Cost

Google Adwords Cost

Google Adwords Cost

One of the theories I wanted to test was about using Google AdWords inbuilt bidding engine focusing on clicks versus...