MajesticSEO Integrates with Twitter

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MajesticSEO Integrates with Twitter

The team at MajesticSEO have let it slip recently that they wanted to have some fun with Twitter and are working out how to better display useful details in a tweet. A quick disclosure: I’m part of the MajesticSEO Ambassador program and thought it was an interesting new feature worth sharing.  

The Majestic team decided to start experimenting with Twitter Cards  by seeing what Majestic Site Explorer results they could display directly into your Twitter feed. From what I can tell, their team is the first software company to make use of Twitter cards to visualize their platform data on social media, and I have to say it’s an interesting use of Twitter Cards and I like it. 

There are very few companies trying to push what is possible with Twitter cards to both increase engagement but also allow people to share interesting information within their Twitter stream.

MajesticSEO Site Explorer Results

Screenshots from @Dixon_Jones

The general idea is to allow people to easily share insight data on any domain. It could produce some interesting Twitter discussions when people are referencing if a particular domain appears to have a higher authority or has lower authority, which makes it an obvious candidate for Penguin.  The current process requires you to manually cut and past the Site Explorer result URL directly into Twitter but the team have assured me that they are working on how to make it easier to share at some point soon.

So what do Majestic’s Twitter cards include?

As you can see from the annotated screenshot below, it includes several data points from your Site Explorer Results report such as Link Flow Metrics & Counts and the External Backlinks Link Profile graph. Since the Twitter Cards pull in data from your website, they should be almost real-time and—in theory— should update each time Majestic’s link data is updated automatically.

I would expect it’s possible with some more testing and user feedback to be able to tweak and experiment what metrics are shown over the next few weeks. They may also give users more control as to what metrics they want to include at some point in the future.

MajesticSEO Tweet

Screenshots from @Dixon_Jones

Since it allows anyone to view the link profile data, try it and see what you think. Currently, they still seem to be tweaking the description field so it offers the most important elements in your Tweet. I understand that several other metrics based platforms would not be able to offer this as their data requires you to have account to view their data.

How could it look for other MajesticSEO reports?

The one report I’m looking forward to having Twitter Cards for is the Link Profile Report, where I can easily show the difference in authority/trust between two domains. Below I have shown how a Referring Domains Link Profile Fight tweet might actually look between and I would think that this type of Tweet could be used when someone is discussing on social media which publishing platform might be more beneficial to be associated with as part of a long-term content marketing partnership.

Potential Majestic Example

Mockup by @DavidIwanow

For any specific questions or issues,  contact the team via @MajesticSEO. Photo Credit: Reed Sturtevant via Flickr

Editor’s Note: We were not paid or perked by MajesticSEO to publish this post.

David Iwanow

David Iwanow

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David Iwanow
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  • Dixon from Majestic

    Thanks for the great write up, David. That last idea is interesting! We might be able to do that, let me talk to our devs.

    • David Iwanow

      Thanks for the response Dixon, I’m looking forward to seeing that one ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michael Rosenstein

    This is a great move by majestic seo and twiiter is the right platform for engaging more business for any product.

    • David Iwanow

      Thanks Michael, more businesses should be using Twitter Cards

  • Sunday

    It sounds interesting to note that MajesticSEO is now integrating Twitter card for its services. From the features and possible functions of how this is going to work, there is no doubt that engagement would be the end game.

    If this approach becomes successful, I am sure many companies are going to follow suit.

    Sunday – contributor

    • David Iwanow

      Thanks Sunday, I’m surprised that Twitter Cards adoption rate has been so slow considering how much time brands & marketers allocate to Twitter

  • Peter Meadit

    Well done MajesticSEO, another reason for my to be a fan. Also thanks David for this useful information, always love reading you. Have a great time ๐Ÿ™‚