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Another Cool Backlink Checker: Page Inlink Analyzer

With some tools you pick up one you like most (for some reason or another) and just keep the rest in mind without actually using them. But this is not true for backlink checking. When dealing with backlink research I use all available free and paid link checking tools I am aware of.

Why? Most sites have plenty of links, you risk missing a bunch of them when checking only one source. Different tools provide different ways to categorize and sort the data and some of them even use different data sources. This variety increases your chances to get the full picture and that’s why I always recommend using as many backlink checking tools as you can.

Page Inlink Analyzer is another backlink checking tool you may want to consider. For any URL you provide you will be offered the following valuable data:

  • The list of pages linking pack to the specified page (based on Yahoo!) organized in a table containing:
    • The page title and URL;
    • Each linking page and domain inlinks;
    • Each linking page Delicious count (with the link to Delicious URL report);
    • Each linking page Delicious tags.
  • The list of other pages within the specified domain (including the number of inlinks for each one).

All your reports within current session will be stored in tabs.

Analyze Page Inlinks

Here are just a few things I’d like to be added though like some sorting option (currently there seem to be no sorting at all), direct links to linking page backlinking report.

Anyway, a great tool to add to your arsenal and it is absolutely free (but a bit slow though). I like how Delicious numbers and tags are integrated very much.

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The tool was reviewed under SEJ disclosure.

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Another Cool Backlink Checker: Page Inlink Analyzer

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