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SEJ good friend Ryan Clark of Linkbuildr shared his new free SEO tool with me and quite naturally I decided to share it with our readers. The tool is LinkVooDoo – a backlink checker and website evaluator.

The link diagnostics part is what I am going to focus on first as quality link-checkers are few and we are glad to welcome another one. So let’s see how it works:

  • Enter the full URL and click “Get Report”;
  • Choose the report type (Quick or Full one);
  • In the pop-up choose “Open with” + “Java(TM) Web Start Launcher”;
  • Wait for the site crawl to be completed:

Linkvoodoo crawling

After that you should see the link report for the URL submitted:

  • Most frequent anchor text used for external backlinks (sorted by frequency);
  • Linking domains:
    • if you click [show links] next to each domain, you’ll see all pages linking back as well as anchor text used on each one;
    • you’ll also be able to see home page pagerank for each domain as well as the site Alexa rankings.
  • Backlink PageRank distribution graph:

LinkVooDoo PageRank Distribution

The trust score utility will give you a sneak peek of what your site has achieved so far and where it could do better. The score is calculated based on site Alexa rank, backlinks and outgoing links, domain age, social bookmarking, etc. Besides, it will show you how things have changed since your last check.

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project,
Ann Smarty
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  • Kaloyan Kostov

    This thing wants me to run its java applet on my local computer. Too high price for something easy achievable otherwise with no security risk.

  • Ann Smarty

    Kaloyan, I did mention that in “how it works” paragraph…

  • SEOux Indianer

    ^^ and in the left upper corner of the first screenshot you can see the javascript logo ūüėČ

  • SEOux Indianer

    erm… your comment validation says sometimes i have to enable javascript and cookies… both are enabled all time, but your blog lets me post sometimes and sometimes not.. perhaps you have a problem with your comment validation in wordpress ūüėČ

  • Ryan @ Linkbuildr

    Hey everyone! Ann, thanks very much for the kind words and the post on our tool.

    ***It is in BETA***

    With that being said, there are going to be a few kinks with it soon so I urge everyone to send us feedback via the site, and we’ll be on your case asap.

    1)We’re working on getting it scouring more than the minimal 1000 links Yahoo gives with the API, but we’ve figured out some ways to get around this.

    2) We now are reporting all dofollow/nowfollow on every link. We’re still testing to make sure we’re getting the right numbers, so again, if you see a problem hit us up.

    3) Soon you’ll be able to sort by PR/Alexa

    4) We’re going to tally up the number of links from different countries

    5)test test test

    6) Hopefully everyone finds it useful, and the reason we used Java is because most of the leg work is run on the host computer. It would murk our server if we ran it from there.

    7) Since there are limits on the number of Alexa and Pagerank queries, you’ll eventually see everything turn up N/A. Just wait an hour or so and you’ll be back in business

    8) We’re thinking of hacking in the quality score to the listings as well once we have enough of them in our database.

  • Daniel Allen

    I use Linkvoodoo all the time. It’s an incredible tool! And for the person who was worried about the java app that runs- I’ve tried it and had no adverse effects. So overall- I would have to say:

    A+++++ WOULD USE AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Kaloyan Kostov

    @Ann, I really didn’t read it all, just clicked on the link for I trusted your word that it is a good one. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you to the end ūüôā

    Now after I’ve read the Ryan @ Linkbuildr comment – well, that would be really a good one to keep going after the 1000 result, and with the follow, pr and alexa sorting it’s going to be a hit.

    I’m just a little (too much) paranoid when it’s up to security and to run someone else`s software on my machine, that’s all.

    I’ll give it a try anyway, it sounds like a must see and worthy to support.

    Thanks @Ann!

  • Ryan @ Linkbuildr


    Thanks for replying. It was either do it with Java or create a browser plugin for each different browser. Java seemed to be the smarter route.

    Also, since Google and Alexa limit queries it would stink even more if it was ran from the server.

    What would have eased your mind about running the Java app when you were at the site? Perhaps you can inspire something we an add to make it more clear to people what’s going on.

  • Juistin Brooke

    I’ve been hearing so much about Link Voo Doo, but never really have the chance to try it. Maybe now is the time that I should.

  • Anon

    SEO spyglass still does the job for me ūüôā

  • Aviva B

    Looks like an interesting tool, but when I tried to run a report, it didn’t give me an option of quick or full and didn’t ask to install anything in Java. It just worked for a few seconds and gave me what looked like a “very quick version”, with almost no URLs and anchor texts for the 357 links it says should be on the site that I ran. Any suggestions of what I might be doing wrong?

  • Eraserve

    I love this tool. I used it and saw in a timely fashion the Page Rank graph and a break down of my No-Follow/Do-Follow links. Excellent tool.

  • Idea

    It seems like a very good tool.

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  • efe

    It seems like a usefull tool but how reliable is that

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    full and didn’t ask to install anything in Java. It just worked for a few seconds and

  • nitendra

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  • Ryan @ Linkbuildr

    We are overhauling the code so it’s going to be ALPHA/BETA/CRAPPA for a bit while we retool it. More accurate results and more actual analysis.

  • Boston SEO

    Sounds like a great, easy to use product. When utilized properly, LinkVooDoo should help you improve your site and provide positive results.