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Free Backlink Checkers – Research Anything You Need

I’ve been reviewing backlink checkers multiple times and it’s now time to list them in one round up. I’ll be listing only free ones here and also I’ll sort them by best functions, so a few feature-rich tools may end up being mentioned in a few categories. If you know of any tool I missed, please comment.

Task Tools
Sort links by linking domains LinkHounds, Domain Backlinks Checker, Seobook BackLink Analyzer
Analyze external anchor text: Backlink Watch, Smart

back links, Analyze

Back Links, Link

Diagnosis, Link VooDoo, Seobook BackLink Analyzer

Visualize your links Link VooDoo, Link


Gives your link profile overview: Linkscape

Sort links by linking domains:

One site can link to you from many or all pages and all those links are messing up in one list preventing you from seeing the whole picture. The following tools let you sort link per domain:

sort by domain

LinkHounds sorts results based on the IP address, thus showing only unique IP/domain backlinks. The tool allows to exclude any domain from the results and set the query depth.

Domain Backlinks Checker sorts the results based on the first- and second-level domains. The tool offers the information in a very convenient way linking to each page from the certain domain where the backlink was found.

Seobook BackLink Analyzer allows you to sort links by URL – so you can categorize them in groups by domain name.

Link VooDoo lists only linking domains and allows more data after the click.

Analyze external anchor text:

backlink anchor text

Options/Tools Backlink Watch Smart

back links


Back Links



Link VooDoo Seobook BackLink Analyzer
Anchor Text Y E S
PR + + + +
Linking page outbound links + inaccurate + +
Nofollow highlight inaccurate + + +
Firefox Extension + + desk top
Sorting options + +
Interface messed up user-friendly simple user-friendly user-friendly user-friendly
Set Preferences + + +

Visualize your backlinks

visualize links

Link VooDoo graphs Google pagerank distribution.

Link Diagnosis graphs link types (missing, good, nofollow) and Google pagerank distribution.

Get overall link profile overview:

link profile overview

Linkscape‘s free version ranks a site based on its backlink score (total links, linking domains and other internal metrics).

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Free Backlink Checkers – Research Anything You Need

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