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What do I usually want to see in a good tool? Contrary to what you might think, I never expect a tool to do part of my job or give me some information I would be unable to find without it. The most important thing I usually look for is a convenient way to represent the data.

There are plenty of backlink checkers online that do nothing more than export the data from Yahoo SiteExplorer or Google. There are still a few ones that offer information in a way that helps you categorize and organize it more effectively.

1. LinkHounds Yahoo Backlink Information sorts results based on the IP address, thus showing only unique IP/domain backlinks. The tool allows to exclude any domain from the results and set the query depth. For each individual result you will also see useful quick links to:

  • whois data;
  • site web archive;
  • Google cache;
  • exact pages where the backlink was found as indexed by Yahoo.

LinkHounds Yahoo Backlink Information

2. Domain Backlinks Checker sorts the results based on the first- and second-level domains. The tool offers the information in a very convenient way linking to each page from the certain domain where the backlink was found.

Domain Backlinks Checker

3. Link Diagnosis tool is the best at representing information offering the wide variety of sorting options based on:

  • link type (nofollow, missing, good);
  • link anchor text;
  • PageRank;
  • page internal+external links.

It also offers a helpful export option and calculates link power for every internal page of the site.

Link Diagnosis

To cut the long story short, here is a quick outline:

ToolSearching for Sorting by
  • links to domain;
  • links to a page;
  • only deep links
IP address
Domain BC
  • links to domain;
  • links to a page;
top- and second-level domain
LinkDiagnosislinks to domain
  • link type;
  • link anchor text;
  • PageRank;
  • page internal+external links.
Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • Mercy

    I am already using link diagnosis firefox extension. Link hounds is looking wonderful though, Thanks Ann again!

  • Another great article by Ann Smarty. I didn’t know about the link diagnosis tool, looks like a great find to me. Many thanks!

  • Hi Ann, thanks for the great information. Do you have an excel sheet format where you collect the most important information when doing link inventory for competitors?

    Do you know of this tool: SEO Spyglass? Is it worth buying it?

    Thanks in advance Ann.


  • Good to find the backlinks, good also to make sure they’re pinged properly.

    We built a technorati/ping-o-matic backlink pinger (follow the url) built on iMacro.


  • Great post again

  • Thanx for te good tools!
    I didn’t know linkhounds and i like it a lot.
    But the best tool is google webmastercentral with the plug in from joost de valk.

  • @SEO Best Practices Guide: can’t say anything definitive about SEO Spyglass unfortunately. Will have to look at it.

    @Oliver Taco: thanks for the link!

  • I think linkdiagnosis is far from accurate. It seems that the tool doesn’t show very old (thus valuable links).

    I still work with Yahoo’s backlinkchecker! All by hand! 🙂

  • Somehow Link Hound had passed me by – it looks fantastic! If it has truely ironed out the irritating little niggles that Yahoo site explorer brings up then it’s certainly a useful tool!

  • Link Diagnosis didn’t work well for me. It returned only a fraction of the links I have. Link Hound gave me only errors. Domain BC was helpful, though.

  • Snel,

    Can you give me an example? Link Diagnosis reports all the links that Yahoo does but strips out site-wide links so you won’t see thousands of links there like on yahoo, which I think its useful feature and makes analysis quicker. There is no filter that it would remove old valuable links.

  • Thanx for the info. Right now, I’m using SEO Firefox Extension tool. How Link Diagnosis is different from it?

  • Just ran a test of the 3 tools on my domain.

    1) LinkHounds – 16 links
    2) Domain BC – 29 links
    3) LinkDiagnosis – 0 links

    Seems like Domain BC is the most complete of the 3 tools.

  • Thanks for sharing. I have been using the link tool included in WebCEO and quite satisfied with it. I will try the link diagnosis tool soon.

  • Nicole

    Ever use Yahoo! Site Explorer? I haven’t had much luck with Link Diagnosis, although we still use it occasionally.

  • Thanks for the post,expecting more of these type.

  • Great post by Ann Smarty. I had not known of link diagnosis tool before, this looks quite useful.

  • Good review Ann!

    Based on Yahoo’s Site Explorer data and several other tools and API’s for domain data enrichment, a new SEO tool is being developed as we speak and will be released shortly (somewhere in December’08, January’09). It basically combines most of the intel generated by the SEO tools you list here. This SEO tool is called: RankInspector ( I’ld be happy to share a beta test account with you for review if you’re interested.

  • Bargain, I have been looking for this post for some time!

  • What a great post. Tried them all. It looks like they all do a good job. But, it would be great if I knew what I was looking at (the results). Some numbers look good, some bad. Exploring my neverending learning curve. Thanks for your great informative post (at that group of links too)