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You must have noticed by now that I am a huge fan of various SEO tools. I did attempt to explain why I love using tools so much:

  • I use them as additional source of information;
  • tools are great for SEO inspiration;
  • tools can speed up the process considerably (by quickly processing huge amounts of information);
  • by using multiple tools I can compare the information and see what I might have missed otherwise; etc.

I never recommended any SEO tool as the ultimate / the only source of information you can solely trust and follow. Instead, I insist that any SEO advice (both from an expert or a tool) should be taken with a grain of salt: test, read, analyze before arriving at any conclusions.

After my recent post on page text analyzers, a regular SEJ reader Doug Heil pointed out that “SEO newbies” can read my review posts as the ultimate advice to follow. He also suggested that I should include a disclosure each time I am describing any tool.

I started a discussion at Search Engine Journal Facebook group asking SEJ readers to share their opinions; most of them said the disclaimer would be a good idea.

So from now on I will be adding a disclaimer to each tool overview.

As this is quite impossible to go back to all my previous tool reviews, I am also giving the disclosure here:

Disclaimer: Please don’t solely rely on information any tool reviewed here provides. I recommend running multiple tests before arriving at any conclusions (also please share your test results here if you please). I recommend to only use SEO tools as additional source of information. No tool is 100% accurate and nobody knows the exact algorithms that the search engines use. Thus no tool should be used as your sole tool for Search Engine Optimization.

Huge thanks to John S. Britsios at SEO Workers Search Engine Optimization Consulting Company who helped a lot with the disclosure wording.

Also, all SEJ readers are highly encouraged to join both Search Engine Journal Facebook group and Search Engine Journal Facebook fan page to participate in discussions like the above one and get updated of recent SEJ news.

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project,
Ann Smarty
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  • Tom Young

    Haste makes waist – The Disclaimer is a No-Brainer.


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  • Glenn Jimerson

    That looks like a useful tool. Were you able to find a privacy notice on the site? I’m concerned about the data they collect from your GA account.

  • David

    You find the coolest little apps to help us out and that’s why we love you Ann!