Yuwie: Getting Paid to Network – Could it Work?

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Yuwie is a relatively new social networking site and has really taken off. The site doesn’t differentiate itself with the features it offers or the market that it trying to capture. On the contrary, Yuwie differentiates itself by paying its members for using the site for every action they take on the site, and even the actions resulting from them.
Once you sign up with the site, you have several different options accessible via icons displayed on the left-hand side.
These options include messages, friends, pictures, blog, schools, clubs, and favorites. As you can see, nothing new there, in fact these same features and many more are already available on other sites, but that’s not the point. Yuwie has a detailed set of videos that explains how they are ‘changing the game’ by paying their users for ‘playing around on the internet’. So how exactly are they changing the game? Let’s see.
Why do I get paid?
Yuwie argues that others social networking sites are making an estimated $20 million a month while the users do all the work (social media ain’t it?) and that unlike these other sites, they want to share there revenue with the users.
What do I get paid for?
You get paid for every action you take on the site. Every change you make to your profile, every picture/blog/video you post, and not only that, you get paid for every time another user looks at your profile or content that you have created or posted. On the 15th of each month, Yuwie decides (based on how much they made in the previous month) how much will be given out to each user, an amount that you can track from the ‘earnings’ section of your profile.
The revenue share rate for the month of August was $0.47 per thousand views.
How much money can I make?
While the amount of you make depends on how much you interact with the site, here is a look at sample earnings based on the 10 levels of referrals and assuming a revenue-sharing rate of $0.50.
Seems like a great idea. With most of the features of your average social networking site offered on Yuwie and the added benefit of getting paid to do what you’re already doing, does the prospect of making money while making friends seem enticing?

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