Your Corporate Image Online – What Not to Do

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The reason why I write about how companies are managing their corporate profiles online is because based on this we can learn and apply lessons to our own companies. Just like yesterday we covered how Dell is successfully engaging disgruntled consumers and addressing their woes, today we will look at how Microsoft is doing the exact opposite.
A few days ago, hundreds of consumers started complaining how running Forza 2 (a racing game for Microsoft’s Xbox 360) was causing systems to crash and become unrecoverable. Over 900 users came together on a forum to voice their concerns. And rather than addressing these concerns, Microsoft decided that the best way to deal with customers having problems was to delete the entire thread about the problem (while pretending that it was exclusive content). No thread, no problem, right? No, in fact they were absolutely wrong.
As a result of Microsoft’s ignoring of these concern and deleting the thread where users were voicing these concerns, not only is the company further angering the already angry consumers, but is also causing them to generate more bad press for the company. One user summarized how these (formerly loyal) customers feel about Microsoft now:

All they want is money. I demand an explanation…

The first step (as cliche as it is) is to acknowledge that you have a problem. Once you acknowledge it, you need to reach out to those affected by the problem and try to rectify it as soon and as efficiently as possible.

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