Yet Another Top Digger Gets Banned

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A few days ago the number 7th Digg user, Karim ([supernova17](, got banned from Digg for [submitting a story for money]( With Digg becoming a popular social news site that is becoming increasingly attractive to companies, it seems that more and more top users are being offered money for submissions and with all the talk from Jason Calacanis about [top Digg users getting paid by PR firms]( it appears that yet another Digg user’s account just got banned.

[Snipehack]( was the 13th most popular Digg user and now his profile is invalid. I am not sure if he got paid for a submission, did something wrong or did nothing at all, but it seems that Digg is making a statement to all the top users that if you do something that Digg management doesn’t like or that is against their [terms of service](, your account will be banned.

Neil Patel
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