Writers and Bloggers, A New Way to Feature Your Best Work on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has as a fairly new “section” called “Publications” in user profiles. The publications section lets you add links to articles you have written on various publications. We all know the power of LinkedIn and to be able to showcase your work on such a powerful business networking site is fantastic.

How to set up LinkedIn Publications on your profile:

You can set up your profile in 4 simple steps.

Login and scroll past the initial bio area. Right above “Summary” you will see “New – Add Sections to reflect…”. Click on “Add Sections”.

A pop up will appear; choose “Publications”. 

Fill in the form (title, publication, date, link, summary and you can add another author).

Example of Result

Respect and trust are earned when people see you have been published on respected websites. LinkedIn is there to showcase your education, knowledge and experience. I would go today and take advantage of the Publications area. It is quick and easy to set up. I also recommend you choose your best work because you never know who might skim your profile.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • Frank

    Yeah but I believe they are redirecting these links to prevent any link juice from escaping

  • Adam Thompson

    Thanks for the heads up – just updated my LinkedIn profile…including one of my SEJ articles!

  • Jomer Gregorio

    I don’t even know that some tools like this exist in Linkedin. Thank you! Gotta put some of my articles..

  • Matthew

    Wow! Awesome! Thanks Melissa! Didn’t even know this feature existed – haven’t seen it on many other profiles either!

    Be interesting to see if there is an increase in referral traffic!

  • James

    Nice new feature. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  • equotes

    Great. Thanks for the wonderful share. I am just going to do it right now =)

  • Juliet Wilson

    That sounds really useful, but publications doesn’t show for me! The list goes: Projects, Patents, test Scores,. No Publications! How odd!

  • Eric Siu

    YESSSS this is awesome! Thanks for pointing it out Melissa!

  • Melissa Fach


  • SamZ

    Looking for blogger with LinkedIn Publications…

  • Daniel

    Won´t help SEO. Linkedin redirects are set as 302.