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[Steve Rubel]( recently conducted a [study]( that compiled the [top 100 advertisers]( on AdAge, then he entered each of them in Google and tallied the results. What he found is that [Wikipedia]( is showing up most of the time for brand searches, this will come as no surprise to any SEO or anyone else that spots trends in search results. But Steve finds a quite a few interesting things, one particular find is…

The more domains you have with your name, the less likely you have Wikipedia all up in your grill

It’s no surprise that companies with more domain names have more control over their Google top 10, but I have never really seen it shown in relation to Wikipedia. It must be nice for those companies that have enough money to still hide social driven media from the masses that have yet to adopt it.
It is funny because Steve also points out that blogs and other social content is showing up, this means that search engines, which the critical mass uses to find nearly everything online, are clearly giving a lot of love to consumer voices. That’s why I am such an advocate of tracking your buzz and always participating. It is so much easier to positively influence the opinion of consumers early on than fixing it later down the road. It is things like this that forces companies to build better products based on what is best for us, not their bottom line.
Another thing that Steve says in that article that I want to point out is that it is bad for companies to try and police or control what the Wikipedia article says.

The Wikipedia community prides itself on making sure all articles have a neutral point of view, and this community can and will sniff out corporate manipulation of entries. Wikipedia policy, in fact, clearly states that all articles “must represent views fairly and without bias, and conflicts of interest significantly and negatively affect Wikipedia’s ability to fulfill this requirement impartially.”

Resist the temptation. Changing Wikipedia entries is easy but getting caught isn’t.

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