Why The Same Content Again and Again?

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I recently came across a submission on Digg that got over 6,000 Diggs and was one of the most voted on stories of the week. And this is exactly what happened the last time the same story was submitted to Digg from the same url and by the same submitter. Is this a problem?
While there is no arguing that the Digg does a pretty decent job, the site is also imperfect in both its algorithm as well as the human element. Take for example the following:
Though the second submission appears to be different from the first, both stories link to the same game and the second submission uses a different url for the submission (to bypass duplicate submission detectors) but ultimately redirects to the same url as the first. Both submissions successfully fool the system and for some reason Diggers Digg up both submissions to the front page within hours of each other.
The second instance is even more interesting but also has a more logical explanation and teaches us a thing or two about the lifetime of good content on Digg. The same user submits the exact same story twice, with the same url, title, and summary, and gets 6648 Diggs the first time, and 7328 Diggs the second time.
Can you blame the user for submitting a duplicate story? I certainly don’t, and neither to over 7300 other active Digg users. And in case you were wondering, this is not a commentary on how Diggers have no memory, rather this shows us that as Digg continues to grow, the site’s audience is rapidly changing and content that was once successful can be submitted again for the consumption of this new audience and has the chance of being successful again.
While same or similar stories being promoted multiple times are a minor nuisance for long time users, they give new users a chance to appreciate older content.

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