Why Socially Driven Sites Hate SEOs

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If you look at the list of domains banned by the socially driven news and content behemoth Digg.com, you will find that a majority of them are SEO-related sites. While many people think that Digg has an irrational vendetta against these sites, it’s not entirely irrational, rather it’s simply driven by a mentality of generalizing.
While I’m willing to accept that most SEOs and their websites are completely legitimate and not spammy, there are some that are quite the opposite. Rather than harp on about what differentiates the two kinds of sites, I present to you one YouTube video that covers every reason why Digg and Digg-like hate SEOs and their blogs, and why they are justified in their hate.

The bad advice the video gives you, that is sure to get your site marked as spam and eventually banned:
1. Submitting your content just to get traffic and to take advantage of these sites’ high PageRank, regardless of the quality of your content and without taking into account whether it would interest the community.
2. Making multiple accounts to artificially promote your content.
3. Using software programs to automate the process and spamming as many social sites as you can.
4. Paying him to do the above for you.
Like I mentioned before, the Digg community doesn’t have an irrational vendetta against SEO-related sites, it’s just that people like the gentleman in the video above, cause the community to generalize about SEOs and thus label all of them has having the same mentality and using the same tactics.
**RSS Subscribers: If you cannot see the video, please [click here](http://www.pronetadvertising.com/articles/why-socially-driven-sites-hate-seos.html) to watch it.

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  • kid disco

    Wow, I’m speechless.
    Ok… no, I’m not. This guy is a douche-and-a-half. He can’t even spell his domain name correctly… Not only should he be banned from Digg, he should be banned from the internet.

  • Rich McIver

    What’s sad, is not just that the information he gives is completely wrong and unethical, but that once he was finished making the video he thought…
    “Yeah, this looks really good. I’m definitely going to pick up some clients with this.”
    (And am i the only one that finds his constant eyebrow raising really distracting?)

  • Cameron Olthuis

    And we wonder why we get labeled as “snake oil salesmen”!
    Wow, what a tool.

  • Chuck Lai

    Wow! I’m completely creeped out by that dude. His site is just as “good” as the video. I can see him telling his clients [think Bania from Seinfeld]… “It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!”

  • Pop Stalin Design

    It seems to me he should be wearing a black hat to go along with that suit.

  • Chris Winfield

    What happened towards the end? It seemed like he was going to faint or something….

  • foo

    Muhammad are his affiliate? Nice reverse psychology you used to get his content on digg 🙂

  • noginn

    What the hell is going on with his jacket lapels? One up one down? New trend?
    Looks like a bit of a retard, and I can’t even hear him (no speakers)

  • Jimbo A

    Is it just me, or does his backdrop look like he just pulled it out of his backpack? It definitely needs an ironing job.

  • SEO Gordon

    I wrote a tutorial a while ago about how to photoblog your way to fame. The most important thing I mentioned was fabulious content and good comments. If you try to the crappy SEO way you will fail.

  • Mauricio

    Sad, sad, sad …. and the worst of it – He is not aware how crappy he sounds!
    Last week someone I know tried to explain me that he was know doing a

  • spinchange

    “It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!”

  • eapen

    this idiot has a typo in his link.. or maybe that is part of marketing technique

  • hateseo

    SEO’s are essentially spammers. The rest of you SEO people are no better than the guy in the video.

  • randomguy

    hateseo: absolutely
    whatever kind of gloss you want to put on what seos do, they basically sit around trying to figure out ways to spam while not being caught.
    because if they’re not caught as spam, it’s not spam — just “content that’s genuinely interesting to the targeted community”. but not spam, no sir.

  • Marcia

    I don’t think it’s that cut and dry, SEO posts make it to the frontpage all the time. Digg is dying because splogs make it to the frontpage, the other day a blog about saving money was nothing other then a splog – which had one good article – but the rest of the blog were affiliated geared articles in the guise of a legitimate blog.

  • Mike Abundo

    Wonder where his sweatshop is.

  • shaan

    it sounds like he’s really needs to go to the bathroom at the end! and whats with the rpint?

  • Carsten Cumbrowski

    That guy is just riding on the wave without having a clue. A bad scam, because it can even hurt those people and businesses that fall for it, but so do the other scams as well, such as the “pay $19.95 for your sites submission to thousands of search engines” crap.
    Banning sites like Lee Odden’s TopRankBlog.com or ReveNews.com is just wrong. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. That is not a solution either.
    Yes, I am biased, because I am one of over 50 bloggers at ReveNews.com, which is banned, because of some exasperation with the chief editor (as far as I know).
    Putting the message out about the Scam is the way to go.
    I am glad that your post was dugg to the homepage and gets seen by a lot of people who hopefully tell others .. and so on.

  • sj

    I’ve always had a hard time swallowing the idea that SEO firms practiced ethically. But I spent last weekend with a buddy of mine who now sells SEO to lawyers for Lexus, and as we were walking through some of his clients I was AMAZED. Things that I assumed everyone must know by now (not having all the text on your page be a single image, etc.) – every rule of thumb was being broken.
    Isn’t to say that there isn’t an enormous glut of black-hat, popped collar, asthmatic SEO firms out there, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless.
    I actually bought a watch from this guy in NY last week – he had some great Rolexes in his trench coat. Although I’ll admit it’s weird trying to talk about timepieces when a dude’s got his jacket open and is flashing the world…

  • John Andrews

    After watching that video, and reading the comments, I’m thinking it’s posts like this one on pronet that give SEO a bad name. I mean really, what quality influence did he get via that video, vs. the influence this blog generated by highlighting that video in the context of SEO being hated as a scam? Just as you all noted, his commercial was bad. I don’t buy the idea that good people would be fooled by his pitch.
    SEO is 90% determined detail work. But you won’t know that unless you actually did it (or paid for it). Just as there are web designers hawking ugly-ass templates all over the web, there are guys hawking so-called “SEO” systems. So what. Are web designers scam artists? Snake oil salesmen?

  • Ben Wilks

    Good call John Andrews. Interesting how Pronet can go from helping define what SMO is then turn around and blame SEO’s for the Social Network spam.
    At least get the right label for what this dude does. SMO, SMM not SEO. Fer chucks fake, get it right.

  • markus941

    I’m still dancing to the house music at the end of the video.
    It would have been even more effective if the guy had a sinister looking 1920’s cartoon villain mustache and a baton.

  • Mark B

    This Gary Ruplinger guy better think about finding a new job.

  • Cameron Olthuis

    John & Ben, We are not blaming SEOs for social network spam, but we are blaming SEOs like the guy in this video. If you’re a spammer like him then we’re blaming you too, if not then no worries.
    Neil & I are SEOs too; but there’s a ethical way to do things and non-ethical ways, this guy is clearly doing something that is not ethical and so it falls under spamming. Hope that clears it up.

  • Rebecca Kelley

    It’s like I was watching a commercial about the law offices of Douchy R. Douchenstein at 2:00 am. Aside from spewing utter bullshit, the guy had zero charisma, talked as if he were reading from cue cards, and had a voice that could lull a rampaging two-year old to sleep. Worst. Video. Ever.


    I think it would be more convincing if he just went “Buy my crap! Buy my Crap!” while waving a book on the topic. After I played it, I realized I didn’t hear a word he was saying because he was a salesman trying to sell garbage and tried to watch it again to figure out what he was saying.
    didn’t work. I tuned him out.

  • Rebecca Kelley

    Cameron, tell me you’re going to put the series on a DVD for me for my birthday…

  • Sujan Patel

    Please tell the guy on the video did not spell is own website URL wrong. Unless his domain is really Ultimate traffic Bluerpint dot com. And if that is the case then it makes me trust him even less.

  • Gary Ruplinger

    Well here it is, isn’t it. This is the first time one of my videos have been featured on the homepage of digg, and it figures that it’d be the one where I didn’t both to check my title and credit graphics for spelling first. Nonetheless, it’s been quite an interesting experience. Lots of hate mail, and while I’ve gotten some interesting comments on Youtube before, they pale in comparison to what I’ve read in some of the comments here and on digg. But there is a certain amount of honest that I’ll get from total strangers that I wouldn’t get from friends which I do appreciate. Clearly, I’ve got some things to work on. Thanks for your input.

  • Tuna

    besides the snake oil salesman pitch. Technically the visuals of the video scream amateur, don’t trust me. And in this game its gain the trust or you get burnt and the customer moves on.
    1)The suit, get a better colour, is the story about the brown suit for car salesman true.
    2)Turn down the collar on the suit.
    3)Stay in frame, don’t ever move off frame or out of frame.
    4)keep eye contact with the camera at all times.
    5)Proof read and get someone else to proof read the graphics
    6)was he reading.. or was what just me. Use Cue Cards big ones NEXT to the camera.
    7)Edit out the dead sound.
    This is a great training video on what not to do…. It was just awful..
    And you tell me there are more of these!
    The presentation of people like this makes me question if there are any SEO with ethics… (I know there are).

  • David Rodecker

    I was starting to be moderately impressed that he put this production together, but did anyone notice a huge typo at the end. It shows his site as http://www.UltimateTrafficBluerpint.com notice blueprint is spelled wrong.
    This is in his presentation! With attention to detail like that, especially with a URL, I’d question his SEO skills altogether.
    Too funny.

  • valiko75

    I had a friend who tried to promote some of his article this way: he registere several account on Digg and started digging his own stories on his own accounts… He ended up busted… when he tried to login next time all he got was the “bad IP” message. I warned him!