Why Socially Driven Sites Hate SEOs

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If you look at the list of domains banned by the socially driven news and content behemoth Digg.com, you will find that a majority of them are SEO-related sites. While many people think that Digg has an irrational vendetta against these sites, it’s not entirely irrational, rather it’s simply driven by a mentality of generalizing.
While I’m willing to accept that most SEOs and their websites are completely legitimate and not spammy, there are some that are quite the opposite. Rather than harp on about what differentiates the two kinds of sites, I present to you one YouTube video that covers every reason why Digg and Digg-like hate SEOs and their blogs, and why they are justified in their hate.

The bad advice the video gives you, that is sure to get your site marked as spam and eventually banned:
1. Submitting your content just to get traffic and to take advantage of these sites’ high PageRank, regardless of the quality of your content and without taking into account whether it would interest the community.
2. Making multiple accounts to artificially promote your content.
3. Using software programs to automate the process and spamming as many social sites as you can.
4. Paying him to do the above for you.
Like I mentioned before, the Digg community doesn’t have an irrational vendetta against SEO-related sites, it’s just that people like the gentleman in the video above, cause the community to generalize about SEOs and thus label all of them has having the same mentality and using the same tactics.
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