Why Just Blog When You Can SketchCast?

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We use so many different mediums to communicate daily. We have e-mail, instant messaging, blogging, podcasting, and video podcasting. While most things can be conveyed through text, sometimes using visuals is an absolute must, and like most of us if you’re not a video-pro, SketchCast is for you.
SketchCast is a relatively new service that let’s you create sketches and add audio to them. The concept is similar to screencasting, with the freedom of drawing whatever you want – to convey your message. Though the site is aimed at generally helping people better express themselves, I think it can be a great tool to add a little something extra to the content on your blog, especially when trying to explain an abstract concept that just can’t be described in words.

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While I could write more to explain what the service is and why I find it useful and can see myself using it in the future, I think the following SketchCast from the company itself hits the nail right on the head.

Not only does the SketchCast do a great job of describing the service, but it does it in a way that is much more entertaining than just text or just audio, and is much more easier to create than video.

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