Why I Love the SEO Community – J. Schoemaker

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The most thoughtful person I have met in my SEO life is J. Schoemaker (Shoemoney’s wife).

During SES NY we talked about SEO as well as general stuff and somehow I brought up how I wish I had those footed pajamas that [Juliet](http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1601094791996462457&hl=en) (their baby) had. So she decided to send me a care package with this kind note attached:


You probably don’t remember telling me at SES that you wish you had footed jammies. You said your feet get cold at night but if you wear socks, they feel too tight. I thought you might like these socks… soft, comfortable, & warm. Plus, they are doctor recommended! Hope you like them.


J. Schoemaker

The care package included Shoemoney and AuctionAds shirts as well as warm socks that are 5 times thicker and lighter than normal socks. Now I have enough Shoemoney gear that I can literally wear it each day of the week.
Some people always wonder why us SEOs love the SEO community and this is why! Many of us like J. are always helpful and care for others. On a final note I would like to thank J. for being so thoughtful and always taking care of others.

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