Whos.amung.us Expands With Some New Features

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The live visitor tracking site whos.amung.us launched a few new features yesterday ranging from cosmetic to analytical. While it provides nowhere near the data of a Google Analytics, whos.amung.us is a very useful tool for seeing how many people are on your site in real-time.
The cosmetic changes included a redesigned site that makes room for the new tools and features (see below) and an overall nicer look. Also added is an easy-to-use color picker wheel for your whos.amung.us site widget. You can finally change the black/maroon/white default color scheme for the button to just about any color combination in the rainbow.
More significant is the addition of the graphs.amung.us section of the site. While the site would previously only list the pages currently being viewed and those most recently viewed, the new section provides charts that give you data about the number of viewers on your site sorted by year, month, day, or hour. These graphs report the ‘max’ users in the given time in blue, the ‘average’ number of users in green, and the ‘min’ number of users at any given time in yellow. You can easily embed any of these graphs into your site by using the code whos.amung.us generates for you.
If you run a site that usually has double-digit users on it in real-time, these graphs can be pretty interesting. What’s needed though is an easy way to graph the most popular content on a site; Whos.amung.us already collects this data (as you see on a site’s main whos.amung.us page when you click on the widget), so it should be relatively simple to add another button or tab to the area to incorporate content breakdowns into the graph.
Whos.amung.us is a great but lightweight tool that adds some feeling of presence to any site. These new analytic features are not Earth-shattering, but are a useful enhancement for digging a little bit deeper.

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