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You could put up a pretty strong argument that marketing is one of the most important factors of a company’s success. It is definitely up there, but these days the actual product or service is probably most important. Okay, so why are there so many companies being launched right now that have no marketing plans at all? Are these entrepreneurs really that drunk of their own kool-aid that they believe things will magically work out? There seems to be this impression that all they need to do is throw out their products and people will be lined up in droves waiting to sign up or purchase something. Yeah right!
Noah Kagan recently gave his top 5 stupid trends of marketing 2.0, in that spirit I’d like to list 5 things that don’t make up a marketing plan.
1. Being first to market is not a marketing plan.
2. Getting Crunch’d (http://www.techcrunch.com) is not a marketing plan.
3. Using AJAX is not a marketing plan.
4. Throwing a lavish party is not a marketing plan.
5. Wearing a t-shirt with your logo is not a marketing plan.
Do you have any thing to add to this list?

Cameron Olthuis

Cameron Olthuis

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  • http://www.okdork.com noah kagan

    i would like to add one that has been bothering me for awhile. giving your shirts, keychains, etc.. away in valleyschwag.com is not a marketing plan or a good idea.

  • http://greg@musicjoints.net Greg Vermersch

    – Opening a blog is not a maketing plan
    – launching a forum is not a maketing plan
    – making screensavers and stupid icons for you desktop is not a maketing plan

  • http://www.showcasejase.com ShowcaseJase

    Blanket advertising is not a marketing plan.
    Bit contentious – what do you reckon?

  • http://www.jwphill3.com J Phill

    Saying that your company is “web 2.0” is not marketing. I can’t wait until that term dies.

  • http://www.herdsofwords.co.uk/wordpress George

    I don’t know, We’ve been wearing our logo t-shirts for a whole week now, and our business has doubled. Heh, like the list. Scratching your business name into the tube train window glass is not a marketing plan.

  • http://onlinebusinesshelp.blogspot.com Emaketing_newbie

    advertising in tea mugs is not a marketing plan. A marketing plan all about your approach to your potential customers