What are your 'Must Have' Basics in the Online Business World?

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Everything in the modern world is a “must have.” That new car? Yes, you must have it. That coffee grinder? Mandatory. That new mobile phone? You might die without it. To purchase all these “essential” things, you need to have some decent financial success, which requires the right things.
If success in the online business world is what you’re looking for, you need education or experience, the ability to work with others when needed and the right tools. Let’s go through the basic tools that are “must haves.”
1. Your very own website.
Yeah, this is pretty much a “duh” point, but you would be surprised how many companies try to expand into the online market without a website- depending on their social media presence to gain and maintain clients.
A good amount of business still happens because of your location, your yellow page ads, and so forth. However, even if you’re getting your customers somewhere else, a business without a website is like a three-legged dog. Maintaining your own website and making sure it’s designed professionally is highly important for generating, winning, and retaining business.

2. Personalized business email address.

Once you have your website, you can personalize much of your other technology based resources. You should get your own secure email hosting to send and receive emails from an @YourDomainName address. You can also integrate this same email address and domain extension with Google Applications and other web-based resources. Are you still using an @Yahoo.com address for your business? If so, it’s time to change.
…..are you still using a @aol.com address? I won’t even comment here. Please think about getting a personalized business address asap.
3. Mobility.
Most business owners will have a general “office” area where they do most of their work, even if they’re a business that’s fully online. It’s nice to have the presence of others (or even just a dedicated space to work in) but often times you don’t want to work in there ALL the time. After all, that’s the great thing about having an online business right? You’re not confined to any one space.
So what’s another basic suggestion? The truth is, the business world is becoming more mobile. Having a laptop, netbook or tablet to access all your documents and do productive tech-based work at any time is a key component in modern business… and is slowly becoming the norm instead of hunching over a desktop all day long.
What’s that? You can’t do all your business on a tablet? That’s a bold faced lie.
4. Meeting and Voice Software.
Your computer can take care of more work than you may realize. One of the great assets your computer provides is meeting software- doing business all over the place means you’re going to have to find a way to keep relationships and connections without physical proximity.
GoToMeetings is just one of the possible options for conducting screen-sharing meetings, either with clients or other members of your business. Tools like Skype provide a free and high quality voice and video chat option that helps you keep connected while on the road, enables telecommuting, and much more.
5. Project and Contact Management Systems.
Let’s assume that either a) you don’t work alone, or b) you don’t want to be working alone permanently.
In either of these cases, trying to keep notes and organize projects requires more than post-it notes and Word documents. A variety of solid cloud computing platforms will allow you to keep tabs on your clients from anywhere, collaborate on projects more readily, organize contact information, and give yourself legal protection in case you need documentation.
While these platforms aren’t free, they’re also not that expensive. They will allow your business to expand in ways you may not have realized before.
Business success requires several essential things… business education, leadership skills, analytical skills, creative skills…. and the appropriate technology to back you…. but the value each one adds to your business is worth the investment. In the modern world, a variety of free or affordable options make the path to that success far more clear.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at... Read Full Bio
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