What You Can Learn From The StumbleUpon Top 50

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Any socially driven site is only as good as its top users. In line with the Pareto principle, most of the content that is moderated and is successful (or unsuccessful) on social sites is the result of a select few users. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top users on StumbleUpon and what we can learn about them and from them.
These stats were collected manually by Glen Allsopp from StumbleUpon’s list of top users (and as a result are only reflective of the top users) and all figures reported here are in averages. 64% of the top Stumblers are male, 36% are female and around 34 years of age. Furthermore, these users have been on the site for almost 18 months and have ‘Liked’ 12,805 pages, 513 videos, and 1086 photos.
These statistics dispel the notion (at least for top users) that StumbleUpon users are more interested in pictures and that you have to go elsewhere if you have any other kind of content. In fact, content not related to photography was viewed and liked 10 times more than than photos. Furthermore, we see that the StumbleUpon community is older than that of Digg but not as old as that of Slashdot or Netscape, and in spite of the fact that women outnumber men online, the male-to-female ratio on StumbleUpon is nearing 2-1.
For the complete stats along with graphs check out Glen’s analysis of the top 50 StumbleUpon users.

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