What I learned at Shoemoney University

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As many of you already know I am currently a senior in college and have around 9 classes left. Some people think I must graduate even if it takes me a couple more years to finish and others say I should drop out. And then there’s [Jeremy Schoemaker](http://www.shoemoney.com) who told me to drop out of my current college and attend University of Nebraska, Shoemoney (UNSM); so I decided to take Jeremy up on his offer and attend his university for a few days. Here are some of the things that I have learned from Jeremy:
* How to easily make 1,000 dollars a day (if not a lot more) from PPC arbitrage. The only upfront cost involves building a landing page, potentially putting up a website or two and spending a few bucks on PPC with Google, Yahoo and MSN.
* There are 3 categories for marketing: white, grey, and black. When you do marketing you never want to go into the black range because it could lead to jail time, but according to Shoemoney, there is nothing wrong with doing some grey stuff if it does not hurt anyone and has the potential to create a lot of buzz.
* Companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have certain rules that protect them, but these things can actually be used against them to help you make money.
And just like any university, the experience is what truly makes it a great college:
* Business trips – Jeremy picked me up in his [hummer](http://www.hummer.com/) from the airport and showed me all the fun things you can do in the snow with a H2 such as jumping over curbs, sliding on ice, and ramming into the snow.
* Business meetings – One day we had a business lunch at [Hooters](http://www.hooters.com/) where we learned that Hooters waitresses live off of tips. Eating at Hooters is a great way to make sure that the meeting does not get dull.
* Opportunity cost – Some things are not worth doing yourself such as washing dishes or cleaning the house. If you can make a couple hundred an hour why not work those extra hours and pay people to do all the work you don’t want to do.
* There is no such thing as a free lunch – Everything I did in Nebraska was paid for by Jeremy and J (his wife). I tried to pay for meals and stuff, but Jeremy said that if I tried to pull that stuff off he would get very upset with me. So after trying to pay a couple times he told me that I should not worry about it because when he comes to Los Angeles I am going to be spending a lot more money wining and dinning him.
Overall, I learned a lot from my experience at UNSM and feel that it was a better learning experience for me compared to any of my current college classes. I will still probably end up getting a bachelors degree, but hopefully one day there will be a college like UNSM that will be available to everyone who wants to learn how to make money online. At least for now you can get some of this great knowledge from Jeremy Schoemaker by attending [Elite Retreat](http://www.eliteretreat.info/).

Neil Patel
Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at Quick Sprout.
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  • http://www.strangeprogress.com Strange Progress

    Ha ha some real world schooling, Shoemoney style!
    Must have been some great discussions had (you took your mp3 recorder right?!)

  • http://www.masterlink.com kimber

    very cool. so, how does one go about getting enrolled in UNSM? i’m ready!

  • http://www.pronetadvertising.com Neil Patel

    Matt, I should of taken a recorder, but I did not. ūüôĀ
    Kimber, you can’t enroll in UNSM… I think I was the first “student”. If you want to learn from him you can attend Elite Retreat which is a conference he holds.

  • http://www.seodisco.com/ kid disco

    Are there any fraternities at Shoe U?

  • http://www.pronetadvertising.com Neil Patel

    There is one, Kappa Alpha Ringtone.

  • http://mynoteit.com alex

    I’ve been reading your blog since you guys merged with PostBubble but this is the first time i’ve been able to comment. I like your list and I’m in college right now too and found this an interesting read. I dont know if you’ve ever seen mynoteit (http://mynoteit.com ) but i recommend you check it out to keep your school life organized.

  • http://www.blogopreneur.com Kian Ann

    Neil, sounds like a wonderful experience you had! I too, had the same tearing feelings balancing study and my online stuff. I left school later though.

  • Mario Vellandi

    CSUF is my alma mater. You better graduate or I’ll find you & drag your ass back!

  • Allen

    Neil – did you get a stafford loan?

  • Tari Akpodiete

    Greet post. Two things: finish school. And remember that there are a lot of women in business, and not all of them will enjoy Hooters (or meetings in strip clubs).

  • http://www.buildabetterblog.com Patsi M. Krakoff

    Neil, you’ve totally lost your credibility credits with me. I realize college isn’t for everyone, but I thought you’d have more sense than this. jmho, of course…

  • http://www.pronetadvertising.com Neil Patel

    Allen, luckily I have no loans.
    Tari, yea this meeting place only worked because we are both guys. I have been to a lot of business meetings and I usually have them in the office or a proper sit down restaurant.
    Patsi, I hope this post did not offend you in any way. If it did, I do sincerely apologize for it. Granted I attended Shoemoney U for a couple days, but I do plan on graduating from CSUF because if everything fails it is a decent backup. (I have a 6 week Winter holiday so I did not miss any school days by attending Shoemoney U.)

  • http://www.webhostingreport.net Christoph

    Great post. I really enjoyed reading it. We got tons of snow here, too and it is fun to plow through the snow with the right kind of car.

  • http://www.rentvine.com/blog/ Dugdale

    Can you tell us more about “How to easily make 1,000 dollars a day”?

  • http://www.2kaday.net Christine

    What a funny post! I wish I could go to UNSM. I don’t like that far away either.

  • http://www.apogee-web-consulting.com/blogger/blog.html Richard Ball

    Neil, don’t sweat the negative comments. I say, “Princess, if the shoe fits, wear it!” ūüėČ

  • http://www.pronetadvertising.com Neil Patel

    Richard, your comment made my day. Thanks!

  • http://www.softwareprojects.com Mike Peters – SoftwareProjects

    Sounds like you had a Great Time!
    Plane ticket to Nebraska: $500
    2 day stay at the ShoeMoney ranch: $0
    Learning arbitrage from the master: Priceless

  • http://www.apogee-web-consulting.com/blogger/blog.html Richard Ball

    No problem, Neil. Glad to be of service.

  • http://www.justinchelf.com Justin

    How to easily make 1,000 dollars a day (if not a lot more) from PPC arbitrage. The only upfront cost involves building a landing page, potentially putting up a website or two and spending a few bucks on PPC with Google, Yahoo and MSN.
    Explain this!

  • http://www.geniosity.co.za/musings James

    “kappa alpha ringtones”
    Brilliant! Interesting post as well… Any time you guys feel like coming to sunny South Africa to hand out a few classes, let me know. Unfortunately, no hooters here though.

  • J.

    Neil, you were a great guest and we welcome a prilgrimage from you anytime. J. Schoemaker, AKA Dr. Shoemoney

  • http://www.pronetadvertising.com Neil Patel

    J, thanks for welcoming me into your home. I had a great time with you and Jeremy.

  • http://www.oddcomments.com/ oddcomments

    Great post Neil! I am totally jealous! I?ج

  • http://www.yourtradingstock.com MrMike

    Sounds like you had a fun time and learned a few tricks. I’m jealous.