What Digg’s Recommendation Engine Means For You

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Kevin Rose announced that Digg’s recommendation will be launched in a few months. Here’s a look at what it means for Digg, the Digg users, and the content producers
We have known that this recommendation engine was coming for a while.
In many ways it won’t be different than Reddit’s offering or the way StumbleUpon works, but given the amount of content that goes through Digg daily, with the right algorithm, the feature can be much more robust.
What does this mean for Digg?
By displaying recommended items to users based on their Digging habits and the Digging habits of their friends, you can make sure that the users’ (except for those that add hundreds of friends without reason) experience will be much improved. Since the users will be able to get more relevant content without hunting for it, there will be more of a reason for a user to return to the site regularly and stay for longer.
What does this mean for the user?
As a Digg user, rather than going through the site looking for content, you will have the right content delivered directly to you. This means more relevant content, in a more timely fashion, and without much effort on your part.
What does this mean for content producers?
It’s most content producers’ dream to get to the front-page of Digg, and with this new feature that dream will be more achievable. As your content is displayed to the readers to whom it matters the most, there will be a higher chance of it collecting Diggs and being promoted rather than getting buried by people who don’t care for it. This also means that even if your content isn’t promoted to the front-page, the eyeballs you get are highly targeted.

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