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Weekly Search & Social News: 07/13/2010

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Weekly Search & Social News: 07/13/2010

Hey there… hows things? Did you know it’s time for another edition of ‘7 Days of Search and Social‘ ? Of course you did. Waiting with baited breath I am sure. The week that was did have a fair amount of goodiness, specifically there was a TON of stuff on link building (was it link building week and I didn’t get the memo?). That being said, the ‘search geek central’ section was a bit light, which always makes me sad. I hope this week’s offering finds you well… there’s pleny as always to keep you reading into the wee hours. Enjoy!

And away….

Lead Story

SEO Dojo Radio

Has a nice ring to it don’t ya think? Sure, it may not be interesting industry news to a lot of folks, but it sure is to me! We have been hosting weekly industry chats in the Dojo for some 40 weeks now and some of the gang thought we should bring a live version to the world, so we did.

This first edition is just a trial run to get into the swing of things… so do excuse the lack of professionalism, but we posted it anyway;

Listen to; SEO Dojo Radio Episode 1

Each week we will be talking some of the top stories from each week and then having a guest on to get geeky with. It seems a fun thing to do and will surely be some entertaining fun for all. You don’t need to be a Dojo member to listen to them… they are open to the public.

And away we go….

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Talk of the Town

Content Programs and SEO – a post from yours truly on a topic near and dear to my heart; content strategy. There is so much more to it than merely slapping content up and hoping for the best. We take a look at the various elements required in any solid approach for not only building links, but authority as well. I hope you find it useful.

SEO Checklist Part 2: Best Practices – Stephan Spencer put together a nice little check list of common elements to look at when doing site analysis. Probably nothing that really jumps out as revolutionary, but a good list for a refresher.

Information Architecture – Rocket Science Simplified – Yup, it is generally a safe bet that posts like this will get my attention as I am a HUGE fan of nailing you site architecture. Oh, and it has some ‘Dave bait’ as well… which also never hurts either.

The Inside Line On SEO– Speaking of check lists, this one from Aaron (via SEO Book) was a great read from the professional perspective. A good read and easily digestible.

5 Dirty Words in Link Building– was a post from Jennifer (via SEJ) that was a GREAT analysis of some of the most troubling terms in the world of link building.

Where Is Your Link Army Hiding?– still on the theme of links, there was a lot of them last week, we have an entry from Gabriella Saninno who’s been seen around more and more these days. Another new voice in the making? If her recent work is any indication, she may be around for some time to come.

Before you create Linkbaiting content you have to Ingest your Niche – See what I mean about the spate of link building posts? This one is over on Cornwall SEO from a fella that knows a thing or two about creating linkable content. A worthy addition.

Cloaking is good for you. Just ignore Bing’s/Google’s guidelines. – lol… and what is a week on the Trails without a good rant? Weak I say… thus it was good to see Sebastian taking a great little kick at the can towards the world of legitimate and illegitimate cloaking. This is an area I wish search engines would talk about more for clarity. Nice on Seb!!

Mapping Anchor Text To Landing Pages– Did I mention it was seemingly link building week last week? Sheesh. This one is from one of my fav link building authors; Julie Joyce (who’s birthday it was as well btw). I personally do like page mapping for Kws and anchor texts. Thus adding this one was a no brainer.

Top SEO Women – Just the Tip of the Iceberg – lol, ok, for the record I am not all that into lists, but this one ended up on my radar more for the comments than the post, (though it does highlight some of me fav peeps). If you’d like a little light entertainment, including yours truly, give it a read.

Search Marketing Reporting for Pros – friend of the Fire Horse, Tony Verre, had a pretty good little reporting post complete with examples for you. I am always a fan of posts with actionable items for the industry. Great stuff Tony, thanks for sharing.

Data Blindness – Dave Snyder, via the newly launched Blue Glass blog, pined over the all too common habit of allowing tools/data cloud one’s judgement and lead the SEO program. Data on a good day can be suspect and that should always be considered. Good to see ya writing again Dave!

Link Building with the Experts Interview – it goes without saying by this point that it was a linky kinda week right? But not to be outdone Rae (via Outspoken Media) put out a monster post of Q&A with many a well known name in the biz. A great post that was missing one thing… ME… lol, ok, fine… it was a great post even without me. Hee hee…

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Cutt’s Corner

How can a website compete using only white hat techniques?


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