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Wix Partners Can Now Sell Templates in Wix Marketplace

Wix customers can now buy templates curated for quality from the Wix Marketplace

Wix Marketplace Templates

Wix announced that Wix Studio agency and enterprise partners can now sell templates in the Wix Marketplace, opening up a new way for partners to earn more through Wix and for Wix publishers to gain access to professionally designed templates.

Wix Studio Partners

Wix Studio is a platform for agencies and enterprise users who manage multiple sites, providing a streamlined workspace for managing client sites all in one space. The Wix Studio platform provides the AI-powered Studio Editor for creating websites that makes it easy for teams to collaborate as well design websites in a code-free workspace that also allows for custom CSS.

Wix Marketplace Expansion

Wix partners can already sell their services such as web design, SEO, logo and graphic design through the Marketplace. Now they are able to sell their templates to users directly through the marketplace which can also help partners develop leads.

Templates Must Pass Quality Check

A benefit of the Marketplace offers pre-screened professionals and all templates must pass a review for quality and usability before being listed.

Wix team members review templates for:

  • Design & Aesthetics
  • Layout & structure
  • Template Exclusivity
  • Uniqueness

According to Michal Bignitz, VP of Partners at Wix:

“Expanding the Wix Marketplace to include template sales not only empowers our Partners to unlock additional revenue streams and strengthen their presence within the Wix community but also fosters a thriving ecosystem of creativity and innovation. It’s an exciting opportunity for Partners to collaborate with and benefit from other experts, as we’ve seen with beautifully crafted templates combining design and dev skills.

“This fosters a thriving ecosystem of creativity and innovation and puts us one step closer to the goal we envision for Studio to become the place where experts in web design, development, user experience, marketing, SEO, and more can monetize their creations and collaborate.”

Read more about how to sell templates:

Sell Wix Studio Templates

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Wix Partners Can Now Sell Templates in Wix Marketplace

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