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Buzz marketing has been creating a little bit of buzz of its own lately. It seems like every time I refresh my feed reader there’s a new article about buzz marketing from a major publishing company. Journalists can’t get enough of the fact that companies can put a little bit of money and a lot of creativity into a marketing campaign that people actually want to watch and not only that, they’re telling 10 of their friends about it.
The other day I came across an article in Business Week that featured the web’s most viral ads. In the article you watch the nine most popular viral video ads that have appeared on the web. I’m not sure how they’re deciding which ones to pick and there are some I really like that aren’t on there. Regardless they’re still fun to watch and there are a few classics in there that I haven’t seen for a couple of years.
So now that buzz marketing is becoming so popular is it going to lose some of its luster? I mean how long will it be before this stuff just isn’t fun anymore? Obviously it’s forcing advertisers to step it up with each new video they produce. But is that enough? So much attention is focused on buzz marketing right now that every executive across the country is trying to figure how he can get in on it. I don’t blame them either, why not if they can get in front of millions of eyeballs without spending millions of dollars?
The good thing about viral marketing is that the only way something will get any buzz is if everyone (or the target audience) actually approves of it. I think as long as these ads can continue to make us laugh and provide entertainment they’ll do just great. I’ve been watching them for years and I’m still not sick of them, what about you?

Cameron Olthuis

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