Video Marketing: What You Need to Know

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The Internet has provided various ways for advertisers to reach their target market, and these methods include online videos. In fact, video marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies that a company can use to increase brand awareness on the Web. But just because you have a digital camera, video editing software and an Internet access, that doesn’t mean that you can immediately jump into video marketing. It requires planning, content creation and promotion.

Planning Your Videos’ Content

Before creating a video to promote your brand, you should list down ideas or content that you want to share and how you’ll present it. It should be relevant to your business’ niche, adds value to your audience, and not too short but not too long either.

Creating Your Video’s Content

Once you’ve laid out your plan, it’s time to record your video. You can show your face on the clip, but you can use screen capture software or PowerPoint presentations if you’re shy. Just make sure that it’s not too short or not too long, and it would be beneficial for your audience.

Moreover, don’t immediately promote yourself or your business. Prove your credibility first, so that you can easily encourage them to try your services or products.

Researching and Incorporating Keywords

In every aspect of online marketing, keyword researching is important. Using keyword research tools, you can have an idea as to what search terms your target audience will use to see your video. However, don’t forget to incorporate your keywords on your video’s file name, title, description, transcription and tags. Otherwise, search engine bots will have a difficult time indexing your content to a keyword that you want.

Editing Your Video

Although a high-end video editing tool is not necessary, you still need to edit your clip to make sure that you’re producing valuable content to your audience. Make sure that it’s properly recorded and with clear audio. Otherwise, your audience will consider you as someone who’s just bored and decided to create and upload a video on video-sharing sites.

Uploading and Sharing Your Video

With just few clicks, it’s easy to upload your videos on video-sharing sites. Additionally, you can also embed it on your website or share it to your social media accounts. That way, your videos can have a wider reach of potential audience and acquire quality inbound links. Just make sure that you saved your clip in its right format; otherwise, it might look fuzzy.

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