Vanessa Fox Gets Screwed

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I was analyzing [Vanessa Fox’s blog]( (which I highly recommend [subscribing]( to) today and it seems that she is being screwed by social media sites. Not in the sense that they are intentionally doing bad things to her, but her blog doesn’t seem to get any social media love.
Her blog’s domain name is and she has written some great content that should have done really well on social sites like Digg. Articles such as [why I will read your blog but not watch your video](, [when email turns on you and devours your soul](, or [seven life-saving tips for frequent travelers]( should have done well throughout the social web. I think the domain maybe tripping filters or users are seeing it and jumping to conclusions that it is a porn website.
Anyone else have any ideas on why she isn’t doing well on social media sites?

Neil Patel
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