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This article was based on James Thomson’s [YouTube post](

YouTube is one of the most popular web sites on the Internet, beating the next biggest website, MySpace, by a hefty margin. Millions of people visit YouTube to watch the latest viral videos and to take a look at the featured content on the site.

YouTube regularly showcases the best videos from the site in a ‘Featured Videos’ section. By consistently creating or finding good video content and uploading it to Youtube you too can be one of the lucky users in this section.

Most people don’t take advantage of the power YouTube puts in your hands by featuring you on the site. Featured videos usually stay in this section for about a week and often receive hundreds of thousands views over the days and weeks that follow. But your exposure doesn’t have to stop there. By creating a full-fledged profile and including a link to your blog or website in it, you can transfer your increased exposure on YouTube to increased traffic to your blog, your site, your MySpace profile, or any other content that you have created.

It’s always best to have a detailed description for content you are submitting and a way for people to get more information about it and any content related to it. For example, the profile shown above belongs to a user that submitted clips from a movie to YouTube. As you can see in the profile, the user has provided a link to a website where you can obtain the full-length DVD from.

Also, by allowing people to access your website from your profile, you give them more access to yourself and become more than just a user name on YouTube. You become someone they can relate with and someone who they want to see more content from.

Furthermore, because a good video will be reposted all over the web, in some cases without any credit to you or any way to directly access your website, you should also make the additional effort and insert the URL in the video itself (at the beginning or the end), or place a watermark at the bottom, throughout the video.

A good example of using YouTube to get blog exposure and the necessity of watermarking is the video of Kramer’s on-stage racial tirade and As a result of the video, TMZ got exposure on the web, on television, and in print. Had they not inserted their watermark on the video, though, they would have missed out on a lot of free advertisement and someone else could have potentially gotten the credit for it.

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  • Orson

    Hey Muhammad welcome! ‘oh great one’ ( i was waiting for a while for this announcement) I really enjoyed your post, I always thought about but never attempted to leverage youtube’s user exposure, much attributed to my ignorance; thanks for clearing up some stuff.
    I am most certain that you would be a great compliment to Pronet’s already magnificent team.
    Good work Neil and Cameron
    Orson Adams

  • hey Muhammed, great first post! Look forward to reading more blog posts from you.

  • I’ve received alot of traffic from my video blogs that I load to youtube, and I’ve also found that when I put my url in the intro in my video, that increased the traffic as well!

  • i’ve been getting into youtube a lot recently and promoting my sister’s “art show”
    another little tip, it helps if your youtube video thumbnails are interesting. youtube always uses the midpoint of the video, so while you’re editing, try to make a short stretch of video around the midpoint that’s interesting to look at.

  • Orton Sacks

    I’m looking at today’s most viewed videos – it looks like it takes about 25k views to get on the list.
    How is a “view” counted? Is a “view” counted when the video starts, when it ends, or at some other point?
    If the answer is “when it starts”, there are some very easy ways to get on this list.

  • Great Tips. Will apply them in my next video clip on YouTube.