Using Twitter to Generate Business Lead

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Although it only allows you to send a 140-character message, Twitter is considered one of the most famous social networking sites across the Web. As of June 2011, the micro-blogging site reported that their users are sending 200 million tweets per day. In addition, it boasts 100 million active users since September of last year. That’s why it’s a no-brainer why business users are also opting to add Twitter to generate leads.

Take Advantage of the Advance Search Option

As an entrepreneur on Twitter, you need to monitor your business’ online reputation. It could be tedious process, but you can save time by using the advance search option. Additionally, it enables you to conduct online searches based on geographical locations. In turn, you can gather real-time data that you can turn into business opportunities near your area.

Build a Network with Your Target Market

Following and interacting with Twitter users from you target market is a great way build a guaranteed consumer base. But you don’t need to follow everyone though. It’s better to have a network of people who are really interested on what your business can offer, rather than following people who don’t interact.

Be Visible in Your Twitter Network

You have to be visible in order to build a network on Twitter. Therefore, you must invest ample time to tweet relevant and useful content to your followers regularly. This can help you establish and strengthen your credibility to your audience, and you’ll have higher chance of being retweeted—which gives you higher chance to grow your network.

Interact with Your Followers

Twitter user posts inquiries on their profile most of the time. If a user posted that he or she is looking for something, it’ll be appreciated if someone relevant responds to his or her post. As a business owner, you must seek this kind of opportunity by conducting a keyword-targeted research, and offering your product or services that can respond to your potential customer’s needs. However, you must avoid sounding like a spammer or scammer. Listen to what your target market needs, see if you can deliver it and be helpful.


Promoting your business with a 140-character message could be daunting. However, it also pushes you to become creative in conveying your ideas with just a couple of words. So if you haven’t included Twitter to your online marketing strategies yet, now is the time to do so.



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