Using Search Retargeting to Lower Cost Per Action

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Just like beauty, your marketing campaign’s value is in the eyes of the beholder. For brand marketers, well-designed banners that are presented to target customers on quality website are perceived as value. It’s also the same with high click-through rates that drive qualified audience is also something valuable.

But in the world of performance display, high returns on advertising spend and return on investment is the main goal. This means that they pay attention on cost per action, or the performance of their campaign that drives favorable action, instead of impression or click-based metrics. That’s why it’s for marketers to know how to use search retargeting to lower their campaign’s CPAs.

Don’t Mind CTRs and CPCs

When it comes to performance display advertising, CTRs and CPCs don’t usually matter when all you want is to lower your CPA. There could be a lot of reasons for this, but what’s important is that you don’t limit your campaign on sites with very low CPM while optimizing your keywords for high CTR.

Take Note of Recency

Depending on your campaign and its nature, the window period between a user performing a search and a user seeing your ads on relevant search varies widely. That’s why it’s important that you understand the recency of each of your campaign, as it can help you improve your CPA.

Bid for High Impressions

Campaign performance data reveals that the best keywords could lower CPAs when targeted in the right recency windows, even it has higher cost per impression. That’s it’s important that you are not afraid to bid for high impressions. As long as it drives performance, this could help your campaign win more volume on the best performing keywords.

Consider Keywords that Fall Behind

There are keywords that don’t perform well due to various reasons. Regardless, it could still deliver favorable CPA in search retargeting when used on impressions with right characteristics. Other than that, it could also expand the reach of your campaign.

Use Look-a-like Modeling

Look-a-like modeling can provide insight on the search patterns of existing converters. This enables you to discover and test additional keywords, as well as tap other markets that are related to your campaign.

Optimize Your Campaign Automatically

While you can set up your campaign and make initial targeting parameters, you can achieve optimum performance through automatic optimization. This feature could decide in real time which combinations of impression parameters could yield a more favorable conversion. In turn, your campaign can achieve the best results.


Just like in any online marketing campaign, you have to learn and understand its nature so that it can perform well without costing much. If you are successful with lowering your CPA through search retargeting, fruits of labor could be sweet.

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