How to Use Social Media to Promote a Charity or Fundraising Event

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Peter Daisyme
Peter Daisyme
How to Use Social Media to Promote a Charity or Fundraising Event

According to Tony Morris, there are currently 4.2 million homeless people in the United States. This number is up from 1 million homeless people just a year ago. 345 million people do not have access to clean water. Children are dying from preventable and treatable diseases. Now, more than ever, we need to support the charities who help make the world a better place.

How You Can Help Your Charity Online

The most important part of a charity or fundraising event is getting people to show up and participate in your charity. Imagine if you had held a Concert for Bangladesh and no one came? Besides being embarrassing, it is a tragedy for the cause you are trying to support.

Fortunately, technology given us many great ways to promote a charity concert, or philanthrotainment event. Chief among these is social media. Here are three amazing charities using social media to promote their cause and doing an amazing job in supporting their charity and community around them. Lets look at how they do it and how you can use their techniques to help your own causes.

Open To Hope

Over the past year I’ve had the privilege of working with The Open To Hope Foundation, a foundation dedicated to helping people deal with grief and feelings of loss following a death. Heather Horsley, the marketing director, believes the best way to touch someone’s heart and make them feel peace is by speaking to their soul.

There is no better way to do that than with a picture. Sharing inspirational quotes that inspire people over Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get people to participate. Heather commented, “You can’t shove death in peoples face, you have to show them what it’s like after death. Once you show them visually, it will open them to your message.”

Open To Hope Facebook Screenshot 3:18:13Open To Hope Facebook Screenshot 3:18:14

By sharing inspirational quotes and pictures online you touch peoples’ hearts. Don’t sell, inspire and build trust with your community. Once you earn their trust, they are more likely to support your charity. Open to Hope typically posts one to three times per day. 


NYC-based charity:water is helping bring clean water to people in over 20 different countries. They are using Twitter to gain traction across social networks and share inspirational photos from all over the world.

According to charity:water content specialist Tyler Riewer, one of the best ways to promote your charity online is to serve. Tyler spends his days searching to globe for inspirational stories to share. He travels and shares his experiences on Twitter. These 140 character messages resonate with people around the World where data isn’t as accessible. Know your demographic and what they are looking for, they’ll be listening.  charity:water typically posts on Twitter one to three times a day.

Charity Water Twitter Screenshot 3:18:13Charity Water Twitter Screenshot 3:18:14

Amnesty International

One of the largest grassroots human equality rights organizations on the planet uses social media to spread inspirations. They don’t have a very large following, but they get lots of engagement on social networks like Instagram. They post photos with text that inspire their followers.

Amnesty International Instagram 3:18:14Amnesty International Instagram 3:18:14


Want to learn how to dominate at Google+ for your charity? Look no further than DonorsChoose, who focuses on YouTube videos that are syndicated and have much better responses on their Google+ page. This charity works to link donors with teachers and classrooms in need.

Right now they have over 52,000 followers. Most of their content showcases teachers helping their local students.  This causes the teachers and the students to become much more involved in their charity and helps raise awareness for students in need.

DonorsChoose Google+ Screenshot 3:18:14DonorsChoose Google+ Screenshot 3:18:14

Online Charity Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

You can learn a lot from all four of these charities and many others like them. Photos and visual media are the best way to reach and engage with audiences through social media.  Even though you’re a charity or non-profit organization, you can still be successful online by connecting with your audience and sharing content they care about.

In my discussions with all four charities, none of them had success on all social networks.  charity:water said that they failed miserably at one or more social networks, their audience just weren’t there. So, keep in mind that one platform may be more beneficial for your charity.

What are you doing to promote your charity or non-profit organization online?

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