Two Kinds of Names for Your Facebook Application

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Let’s face it: there are some Facebook applications that never get installed even though they’re good, while there are others that get installed even though you don’t expect them to, and part of it is just in the name.
Curiosity – Name of the Game
As I logged into my account today, these are some of the applications that were pending my approval:
– Zombies invitations
– Naughty requests
– Vampires invitations
– Nickname Stacy requests
– Pirate invitations
When you look at these applications it’s not at all clear what these applications do. Sure you recognize the terms used in the names and have a vague expectation but you can only guess as to what they will do once installed to your profile. While for some this will just be a cause for confusion and as a result the applications will go uninstalled (simply because they don’t want to go to the application’s page to read the description), for others, their curiosity will make them want to find out more.
Come As You Are
On the flipside, here are some good, descriptively named Facebook applications:
– Texas hold’em invitations
– Sports bets invitation
– Fellow Mets fan request
– Pro Pigskin Pick ’em invitation
As you can see, all of these applications are descriptively named and quite clearly target their audiences. People who are interested in sports/gaming will immediately know what the application is about and right away know if they want to install it or not.
While applications with very obscure names have managed to become incredibly popular, there is no reason to not try and play it safe. It’s a good idea for any Facebook application developer to take the time to come up with a catchy but also descriptive name first for their application and try to stay away from a vague or confusing name.

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