TwitterGrams – The Next Step for Twitter?

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Dave Winer over at Scripting News today is experimenting with something that may very well become the next generation of Twitter.
In its current state, the Twitter platform is so easy to imitate that the service is seeing more and more competition. First of all there’s Jaiku which has most of the essential features of Twitter, an implicit endorsement from Leo Laporte, and more. And then there is Facebook which also added Twitter-like functionality a few months ago (which of course becomes instantaneously available to a community of over 22 million and growing at a feverish pace). If Twitter is to survive in this hostile environment it has to add new and unique features (preferably also harder to copy) and do it fast.
One recommendation in this regard comes from Dave, who while thinking of new kinds of Twitters, came up with the idea of a TwitterGram, where you record a thought, upload it somewhere and use the 140 characters allotted to you by Twitter to link to the audio message which is restricted to 200K. Just like what Twitter did with blogging, TwitterGrams aims to do this for Podcasting. And everyone that wants to respond to your TwitterGram does the same, uploads an audio message somewhere and links to it from their own Twitter profile.
The idea is definitely not new and to an extent has been implemented by MySay. The problem with MySay is that you actually have to call their service to record an audio message and even then there is no easy way to integrate it with Twitter. If Dave can create an interface and a web service (which seems to be underway) that can make the entire process easy for the end-user and take care of the audio hosting and Twitter integration, the idea could definitely catch on and in my eyes would definitely be better than Twitter itself.

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