Twitter and its Effects to Search Results

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Twitter can be an incredible promotional and market research tool as it can improve your website’s search engine optimization campaign. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know the impact of this micro-blogging site to their SEO. Thus, it’s a no-brainer that most businesses don’t layout an efficient content formatting and sharing strategies.

Relevant Search Results are Brought by Social Signals

According to a study on social media growth, social media sites are used to distinguish and engage new customers. However, most businesses don’t have any idea on how these social websites directly affect search results.

In fact, a survey conducted by SEOmoz showed that 80% of the respondents believe that social signals will be one of the factors for page ranking in the future. Since search results are based on what people are talking about, the survey result is something that could happen while making content more timely and relevant.

Why Twitter Authority is Important

Other than social signals, Twitter authority also matters when it comes to search ranking. The more followers actively re-tweeting and responding to your content, the more you are deemed as an influential Twitter user.

It’s a no-brainer that the micro-blogging site has the power to consistently replicate a link—something that can be beneficial to businesses and website owners. Thus, the importance of a Twitter link relies on the number of tweets and re-tweets that a website can generate. In fact, the number of re-tweeted links produce inbound links to a website.

Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that tweets, and other social signals, can improve search rankings. It’s also a note worth taking that re-tweeted content can tantamount to authority. In relation to this, sharing content and gaining Twitter authority can result to relevant search result to your site. However, you have to optimize your keywords, as this is one factor to consider when it comes to search ranking.

Although gaining authority on Twitter is easier said than done, the micro-blogging site is a marketing tool that could come in handy. Simply because a link shared on Twitter gets authority through numerous re-tweets. Hence, dropping your contents from the higher part of the Twitter pyramid can stream down to more users. In turn, you’ll become an influential Twitter user.

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