TouchGraph Google Browser: Visual Web Relation Tool

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TouchGraph Google Browser: Visual Web Relation Tool

TouchGraph Google Browser is an amazing free tool that lets people build up visual charts that show the ways in which websites are connected through the use of Google’s RELATED advanced operator tag.

This shouldn’t be mistaken for a backlink checking tool, as it doesn’t show that type of connectivity between sites (unless links have been marked with the related tag of course). Though it still gives an amazingly clear picture of what kind of sites hold authority within any given keyword term and what other sites are lending them the power to establish that authority.

Each individual site can be clicked on to expand the details of that particular sites relative connections. Providing a wealth of information for people wanting to do some more in-depth research into the way Google decides what kind of results to display when searching for any given key term.

For those people who want to do research into specific sites, the TouchGraph Google Browser allows for the direct input of URLs as well. So there is plenty of room for using this tool on domains that have yet to achieve high search engine rankings, as a way to track progress in terms of building up meaningful relationships with authority sites that operate in the same sector.

Pages from sites with similar themes tend to be given the same color when displayed on the graph, so as to help easily identify what kind of sites are giving the most authority to any given search term.

TouchGraph Google Browser is a great resource for learning more about how the top ranking sites for competitive search terms manage to achieve their positions. Why not give it a go for yourself to see just how informative and fun it can be.

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