Top 10 U.S. Social Network Sites for May 2008

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The battle still remains between the two largest online social communities, Myspace and Facebook. While many people think Myspace is “dead”, the site was up a 7% in May compared to May 07’. Facebooks’ numbers were quite impressive increasing 83% from May 07’ according to Nielsen Online reported by Marketing Charts.

The network I’m most impressed with that had a very significant increase in the social space is LinkedIn, a social community for professionals, increase its audience by 146%, reaching 7.7 million people in May compared to its 3.1 million last May.

While Facebook is probably the most talked about social community of the moment, Myspace attracted a total audience of 60.7 million while Facebook had 26 million.

Will Facebook catch up to Myspace in traffic?

Pablo Palatnik
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  • The growth of LinkedIn is amazing! It explains why my network has exploded this year

  • I have to say, it is rather impressive. About a year ago, maybe a little longer, before linked in, I always said there was a need for a social community for businesses, professionals…sure enough, LinkedIn came along and I think its a great tools for people to use to network for business.

    It seems like its growing at a rapid pace and not sure how long it will keep at that pace but should hear some more buzz in the next year or two from them. Possibly a buyout from someone.

  • What’s refreshing about LinkedIn is it’s simple, clean, STANDARDIZED layout. I pray they *never* get into page customization features, wallpapers, gadgets, embedded music – and all the other things that make some MySpace pages such an atrocity to view…

  • where are the stats for This is a fast & upcoming social network also? Are they not ranking top 10? ??

  • Pablo Palatnik should actually be ranked higher than, it has more traffic and growing at a much rapid pace, 18.3% compared to clubpenguins 4.2%.

    Good observation Yvonni.