Tips for Using YouTube in Your Business

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When your goal is to advertise your business, video can be an essential tool that you should absolutely be utilizing. It is completely free for your business to use YouTube, and yet you can reach an ever-growing audience of internet users, making it an excellent tool for small business. When you use YouTube to your small business’ advantage, you are likely to notice gains in traffic, viewers, and even customers.

Your Channel

Create a channel and customize it. It will take a little bit of time to fully set up your channel, but it will pay off. Make sure that you add branding from your company, and customize your channel as much as you can to suit your company and whatever you are trying to sell or share. Your Youtube channel should be full of links and relevant information.

Keep content organized. Use a YouTube Downloader and similar tools to keep your content neat and organized. This will allow your viewers and visitors to find the videos they seek more easily.

Your Videos

Use subtitles. YouTube has a system that automatically adds subtitling if you request it. A little fine tuning needs to be made, but this extra effort is well worthwhile when you consider it will allow you to reach an even greater audience, the hearing impaired.

Use, but do not overuse, annotations. You can add comments that will display over your footage – use those occasionally but you should not overuse them. Overuse of annotations can appear unprofessional.

Utilize tagging as often as possible. Your tags should be relevant, interesting and keyword-driven without involving keyword stuffing of any kind. Your tags should tell visitors exactly what your videos are about.


Remove offensive remarks. You cannot stop the trolls from adding bad comments, but you can act quickly to remove them as they appear. Use good judgment to remove trolls and spam comments, but do not simply remove comments that you disagree with for the sake of argument.

Engage with the community. YouTube is, very clearly, a social platform. View other video content on the website, mark videos as your favorites as appropriate, make friends that are suitable for your cause, and leave comments on videos that are relevant to your business interests. Be supportive in the community on YouTube and the community will be supportive back.

Promote your videos as much as you possibly can both online and off. Your videos are only going to get the exposure that your business seeks if you promote them properly. Make sure that you are promoting your videos through e-mail, other websites and social networking sites for the best results.

Your business can benefit from the use of YouTube and viral video if you allow it to. Get to know YouTube and how you can utilize it for your benefit, and this social media website will help to carry your business to good places by attracting more attention, visitors, viewers and potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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