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Back in April I urged our readers to not focus blindly on Google when optimizing sites for search engines and to diversify; and the latest search engine statistics from Compete further affirm that recommendation.
When we last discussed diversifying search engine optimization to multiple search engines (especially to improve results from laggards), Yahoo, MSN/Live Search, and Ask.com had a negative growth and a cumulative market share that was smaller than that of Google (though by no means insignificant at 36% of all searches). Since April, however, the statistics have changed drastically and it seems that Google actually has a competitor (at least when it comes to month-over-month growth).
If you look at the month-over-month growth for Microsoft’s search engine, it grew a healthy 13.1% from May to June, and an even better 17.8% from June to July (these figures are excluding ClubLive). In contrast, Google grew a paltry 0.3% from May to June, and 8.5% from June to July.
While we’re only two months into the upward growth for Microsoft’s search engine, the growth seems promising, especially considering that it it is outstripping Google’s growth, and that Yahoo is barely moving and Ask.com is having a hard time even keeping traffic constant. If these statistics tell us anything, it’s that now is as good a time to start looking towards multiple search engines (hint: MSN/Live Search and Google) as ever.
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