Thoughts: Why Digg Didn’t Add a ‘Pictures’ Section

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Digg augmented the pre-existing categories on the site today with ‘Microsoft’ and ‘US Elections 2008’. Conspicuously missing from the mix is the much vocally demanded ‘Pictures’ category. Here’s a look at why this may be the case, and how it may ultimately be implemented.
The two categories that have been added make perfect sense. An ‘Apple’ category has been available forever now, which is completely understandable when you consider what a media darling Apple is, but after Digg removed the ‘Windows’ category from its earlier version, this category was left without a complementary Microsoft category. That is the problem they have finally addressed. Likewise, the other category also makes sense as the US political media machine has been in full force for some time now, and now that content can be conveniently categorized and retrieved from Digg.
Considering that they did tweak the system by adding new categories, it makes one immediately wonder why they would ignore the addition of a pictures category, one that has been demanded multiple times (while the ‘Elections’ category wasn’t publicly demanded by anyone). This reminds me of how Digg dealt with the plethora of videos that were being submitted to Digg a while back. While they didn’t immediately add a ‘Videos’ category to the site, they ultimately added a completely independent section solely for videos (as well as podcasts).
My personal opinion, and what I think will actually end up working better for the entire community is that Digg is gearing up for a major addition to the site that will address that particular demand of the community. With the help of my friend Steve Searer we managed to design a mock-up for how Digg may potentially factor in the ‘Pictures’ section into

Furthermore, they can handle the submissions with pictorial previews just as we have video thumbnails right now.
This way, they manage to address the community’s concerns, but at the same time can allow people to ignore the section if it isn’t appealing to them. Similarly, if you simply want to surf for interesting images, you can just navigate to that section within Digg.
I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this.

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